Blue Dog Joe Donnelly to enter Indiana Senate race


Tim Roemer is a great guy, but I think he soured very fast on the b.s. necessary to be elected. If the D's can find a good candidate, our district could stay in the D column without much fuss. Joe would be a Nelson-Lieberman type Senator, but it's better than getting another teabagger in the Senate.

Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) will announce Monday that he is running for Senate in 2012, a source said Sunday.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker confirmed that Donnelly, a third-term congressman from northern Indiana, will look to unseat Sen. Dick Lugar (R), or the eventual Republican nominee, next fall.

Donnelly's decision to enter the race gives Democrats in the Hoosier State and in Washington a top-tier candidate for next fall, especially after a number of other Democratic officials passed on the race.

There had been some thought that Tim Roemer, a former congressman from Indiana who serves currently as ambassador to India, might have entered the race. But indications now suggest that President Obama may name Roemer as his next Commerce secretary instead.

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    I agree with this quote " but it’s better than getting another teabagger in the Senate. " exactly as long a s Dems in MINORITY it's difficult to work for 'better Dem' candidate, we've got to have majoirty work on better Dems in other races, just get a dem in!