Dennis Kucinich intends to stay in Congress, considers a move to Washington state


Rep. Dennis Kucinich has served seven terms in Congress, but his home state of Ohio is losing two seats due to redistricting. Washington, however, is adding one. So, if Kucinich were to move to Washington, he feels he'd have a better chance of serving an eighth term.

Roll Call:

I intend to stay in Congress. My work is here. I just don’t know what district I’ll be running in,” Mr. Kucinich told the station.

Stay tuned.

  • Clancy

    I don't really think this will fly too well with the people of Washington. I'm pretty sure we/they can find a good candidate from within. What's more, it's doubtful that Washington could add a second Dem district "safe" enough for both Kucinich and Jim McDermott.