PhotOh! Drudge Report makes Bin Laden death about Trump vs. Obama


Via Crooks and Liars

Yes, Drudge, this is all about President Obama trying to upstage Carnival Barker Chump. He clearly felt that announcing the death of the most wanted man in the world should be a prime time event intended to compete head to head with this clown.

No words...

I wonder what was airing in other countries during the president's remarks. I hope it wasn't Britain's Got Talent! They'd never forgive us.

  • I must bow to the "Great Masters of the Right Wing Spin". We, as card-carrying libs, are simply not worthy....

    These people are just freaking crazy, the whole RW bunch of them, I'm afraid.

  • Anonymous

    What is interesting to me is the previous Republican, fine, upstanding citizen,lover of America,Christian President Bush didn't get Osama bin Laden, even though he had the chance several times. But the Democrat,Marxist,Communist Libral, Un-American citizen, Muslim terroist President Obama takes Osama bin Laden out in less than 2 .5 years in office. Life is not without it's ironies.:droll expression:

  • jackie

    I doubt he checked the tv listings before the announcement, either.

  • Psst! She was in on it! She's a dirty rotten hippie!

  • jackie

    oh good grief. In my time zone the announcement pre-empted the end of "Brothers & Sisters." Shall I assume he has it in for Sally Field, too?

  • Anonymous

    In spite of the media/GOTP fixation on the President'­s popularity­, I really don't think the polls -- or Donald Trump, or the 2012 elections -- were high on his priority list when considerin­g his approval of the actions taken. And the spin continues.­..

  • This reminds me of how outraged I was when they preempted The Price Is Right on 9/11.

  • Ah yes. Then this morning, Trump announces he's "...made his decision..." that he's running for president, BUT! he can't officially announce that until his show is over.

    See, it IS all about The Donald.

  • Obama got Bin Laden while Trump was busy with his attack to get rid of Gary Busey!

  • oh4foksake

    It's a shake your head moment. sigh.......