Students turn their backs on Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder during commencement speech


King Rick Snyder of financial martial law infamy isn't exactly the education governor. Yet he managed to get himself a spot as keynote speaker at the University of Michigan graduation day.

His bad.  Via the Detroit Free Press:

As Rick Snyder began delivering his commencement address in the Big House this morning, about two dozen students turned their backs to Michigan’s new governor... Outside, several hundred protesters gathered.

Oh it got better. Check out this photo:

A graduation cap with a message during a rally and protest against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder held at the football field at Pioneer High School across from Michigan Stadium before the spring commencement at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Saturday, April 30, 2011. / ERIC SEALS/Detroit Free Press

At the morning rally, out in the parking lot, people were wearing union tee shirts and buttons, holding signs protesting cuts, and chanting "recall Rick". But they were respectful of the graduates, so remained quiet and low key. And at the graduation itself, nobody interrupted the king's speech (apologies to the producers of the Oscar-winning movie).

U-M graduating senior Zach Goldsmith was among those who spoke at the rally. He said Snyder has been unmasked as a reactionary conservative instead of the moderate Republican he claimed to be while campaigning for the job.

"Rick Snyder does not speak for me."

Psst! Rick Snyder doesn't do much of anything for you, Zach.

UPDATE via @IDphilosopher:

There were 1,100 of us protesters circling The Big House for 1.5 hours while Gov Snyder was there! Lots of support from others!

More here.

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