Wisconsin Supreme Court recount ballots chain of custody was compromised


There were under a hundred ballots in question here, but this could be symptomatic.

Please read the whole article over at Madison.com:

The statewide recount, requested by challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg after her narrow loss to incumbent David Prosser, has the potential to change the outcome, so the Verona situation caused much consternation. On election night, all the ballots were supposed to be secured in sealed bags, which were then supposed to be signed by local elections officials. The seals were supposed to remain intact.

Burns found the bundle unbagged. They were bagged and he drove them to Madison. The bag had no signatures or initials.

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As I've said before, something stinks.

H/t: Leftpalm

  • Lagunadeb

    I have worked in many elections as an area directorand as a trainer in Ca.. What happened here had to involve more than 1 person. everything done with the ballots must be witnessed and signed. In California all of the ballots from that precinct would be considered tainted and not counted. What Cocoa said is true. This is how Bush won Florida by the way.

  • Cocoa425

    I have worked as an election official in both Chicago and Virginia Beach. It was drummed into our heads that all ballots must be in sealed envelopes, with all election officials viewing this, and all election officials signing each envelope. Once this was done, the precinct captain was responsible for ensuring these sealed envelopes were returned to the Board of Elections Commissioner. I cannot believe that there is any reasonable explanation for what was done. This is unacceptable, and I believe the votes should not count. Does someone have an election manual handy?

  • Anonymous

    I call for a revote!

  • Person

    Smells like rotten Nickolaus, in a filthy Koch garbage can!

  • HarborGuy

    ...ditto to the "something stinks"!

  • wow i'm surprised not really