VIDEO: Congressman Allen West's Town Hall "Fix" Is Fraud


Um... oopsie!

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Team of Florida Republican Tea Party favorite, Allen West, gets caught cheating. After facing some tough Town Hall questioning from Broward & Palm Beach County residents during first first months in office, the controversial freshman congressman went for a Town Hall "makeover" that turns out to be all "Fix". At April 27, 2011 Town Hall in Boca Raton, FL, West's Chief of Staff goes on record lying about the "fresh approach" to Question & Answer time...

Dan Tilson, an activist and blogger from Palm Beach.  Kudos to him for some exceptional reporting.

  • Anonymous

    West is a total fraud, a hustler - huckster, a shuck and jive con. Objectively speaking, I feel sorry for any of his (hopefully heretofore) supporters who I take to be nothing less than decent, honest, above board, everyday hard working souls who bought into his lies, his hustle, his con. This man has exposed himself for what he inherently - really is. 

    Take out "the trash" in November, 2012 starting with Obama and do not forget that West has to also be hauled to the dump. Permanently.

  • Yes I am sure when Preacher Bob and one of his flock picked the questions I am sure they were tough I tell ya. Interesting after arresting constituents there was a question from a Nicole from Coral Springs

  • How sad for Florida. Free Speech is dead there and I guess if Tea Party is elected or GOP president. The rest of us might as well just die for we will have no future with their fine leadership.

  • Kim

    This is exactly how Congressman Trent Franks holds his sermons...I mean, Town Hall meetings. And the constituents carry firearms #Arizona