TPC Exclusive- Allen West's office: "Nicole Sandler got what she deserved for speaking out about West, tea party"


One of our regular TPC readers and a Twitter pal, Wiccaspirits, who has contributed terrific information and conversations with notables in the past, is sharing yet another one, this time about her experience calling the office of the always delightful, free speech advocate Allen West.

Wiccaspirits, I salute you. Verbatim (Please note: Wicca sent me a correction. She spoke to a staff member, not a volunteer. Edited to reflect.):

I am sending along this conversation I had with Congressman Allen West for 2 reasons. One because I heard of the horrible treatment of Nicole Sandler, and two, because he is denying anything happened at all! So here it goes...

The first time I called I was put on hold for 10 minutes and then I was hung up on. Then I called a second time and was put on hold for 30 minutes before anyone finally got to me and then the fun started.

My first question to his volunteer staff member was why was it not okay for people to speak their minds at his town hall meetings when the Tea Party did it during the health care debates?

His volunteer staff member told me that the Tea Party did not heckle democrats during the health care debate and that democrats lied about that to help get the bill passed.

I then asked him why West was only accepting pre-screened questions now after many of his constituents spoke out against the proposed budget?

He tried to tell me that West was accepting questions from everyone and that the media was lying. [Laffy Note: This video easily debunks that assertion]

I then pointed out to him that he himself posted on Facebook and Twitter than anyone who spoke out against him or heckled him at the town meetings would be arrested. [Laffy Note: Screen grab of that tweet here; scroll down]

His volunteer staff member then tried to tell me that he mis-posted his statements on both accounts that he now was accepting questions from everyone. He also told me, in contradiction, that Democrats had no right to be upset about the budget when it was the Democrats' fault for the budget and the deficit. He went even further to tell me that the Democrats were the problem and not the Tea Party.

I then asked him why it was okay for the Tea Party to heckle Democrats but it was not okay for Democrats to heckle the Tea Party members of congress during their town hall meetings?

He then again tried to tell me that Tea Partiers never heckled Democrats at their town hall meetings and that anyone who spoke out against the Tea Party should really just keep their mouths shut or they deserved to be arrested by police no matter what state they were from.

I then mentioned Nicole Sandler and how she was not only wrongly arrested but also maced for speaking her mind.

The response I got will not only shock you, your readers but also Nicole herself. His volunteer staff member told me that Nicole got what she deserved for speaking out against the agenda of West and the Tea Party. He said that Nicole should have been quiet and that more people should follow the lead of the Tea Party because the Tea Party had the agenda of the nation right and not the Democrats. He also told me that he did not understand why people were so upset by the budget or why they were upset about people being arrested when they all should learn respect and be quiet! He also told me that if Nicole Sandler was arrested then so be it, and it should show the rest of the nation what respect is and what should and should not be followed by other Americans. He also told me that speaking out against the Tea Party members in Congress would not be tolerated at their town hall meetings!

I then asked him why his congressman was not allowing free speech at his town hall meetings when everyone was entitled to free speech? I also asked him why the Tea Party was so against free speech from others but obviously not from their own party?

The only response he could give me was that the rest of the nation was in the minority on this issue, that the Tea Party would continue to win elections with this agenda, and that as long as people spoke out against the Tea Party's agenda that they would continue to be arrested. He said that the rest of the nation was on the wrong side of history and they should all join the Tea Party movement or continue to be ridiculed and arrested at town hall meetings across the nation! [Laffy Note: This from the guy who earlier said West mis-posted his statements about speaking out and getting arrested.]

So I then asked him why he thought that free speech only pertained to the Tea Party and not the rest of the nation?

He told me as he said before that the rest of the nation was on the wrong side of history, that the Tea Party held the right agenda and the majority across the nation and that ALL of us should be along side the Tea Party. He even tried to tell me that the President was on the wrong side of history and that is why he would be and should be voted out of office in 2012.

So then you just know that I had to go there before I would end my conversation with Allen West's volunteer staff member. I just had to ask him why even after the president released his long form birth certificate the Tea Party still wanted more information in regards to his education and attorney records?

Now I hope all of you are ready for his response and it should leave no doubt just how horrible their agenda for this nation really is and here is his response...He told me that all of the Tea Party felt that President Obama was not a legitimate president of the United States even with his long form birth certificate and that when Obama released the rest of his information that it would prove it and the rest of the nation would fall in line with West and the rest of the Tea Party. He also informed that President Obama should be impeached for not releasing his information sooner to the Tea Party and the rest of the nation. He then also informed me that even though it showed that his mother was born here, that Obama should still not be president because both of his parents were not born in the U.S.

So then I asked my final question along with a statement which was this. My question was why is the Tea Party more concerned about Obama's information and not jobs? Then I told him that according to the Constitution as long as one parent was born in the U.S. you could legally be president.

What he said next will surely cement the true Tea Party's agenda for all of you. He said that the Constitution must be changed so that only people could be president if BOTH parents were born in the U.S. He also said that jobs could not be a priority for the Tea Party until Obama was voted out of office and we had a Tea Party/Republican as president of the U.S. He said that it was time for Americans to stop supporting Obama and his radical agenda for the nation. He said it was time for people to stop being angry at town hall meetings and join the fight along side the Tea Party. He said that if people get arrested for speaking out against the Tea Party then that is the way it should be for them. He then ended by saying that Obama should not be president and could not be president in 2012 for the Tea Party to be focused on jobs and the economy and then the phone went dead. Yep that's right before I could ask anymore questions he hung up on me!

This should all of you how much the Tea Party is against Obama as president even though he has a legal right to be president. This should also show all of you just how much the Tea Party does not respect the free speech of others and only the free speech of their own party. This should show all of us that the only agenda of the Tea Party is to oust Obama at all cost and NOT to help struggling Americans find jobs in this great nation.

I myself think that the Tea Party and Allen West should both apologize to Nicole Sandler for their horrible actions from his town hall meeting! So Nicole if you happen to ever read this I support you 110%. I do not think you should have been arrested for speaking your mind at his town hall meeting and I also think that what you did was VERY VERY COURAGEOUS!

I think what happened to you was uncalled for and ridiculous and until he and the rest of the Tea Party apologize all of us should keep calling them and all of us should continue to be outraged and angry....there should be more people in the world like Nicole Sandler and we should all support her in her fight! Blessed be Nicole and keep up the good fight because you have me right along side you!