TPC Exclusive- Allen West's office: "Nicole Sandler got what she deserved for speaking out about West, tea party"


One of our regular TPC readers and a Twitter pal, Wiccaspirits, who has contributed terrific information and conversations with notables in the past, is sharing yet another one, this time about her experience calling the office of the always delightful, free speech advocate Allen West.

Wiccaspirits, I salute you. Verbatim (Please note: Wicca sent me a correction. She spoke to a staff member, not a volunteer. Edited to reflect.):

I am sending along this conversation I had with Congressman Allen West for 2 reasons. One because I heard of the horrible treatment of Nicole Sandler, and two, because he is denying anything happened at all! So here it goes...

The first time I called I was put on hold for 10 minutes and then I was hung up on. Then I called a second time and was put on hold for 30 minutes before anyone finally got to me and then the fun started.

My first question to his volunteer staff member was why was it not okay for people to speak their minds at his town hall meetings when the Tea Party did it during the health care debates?

His volunteer staff member told me that the Tea Party did not heckle democrats during the health care debate and that democrats lied about that to help get the bill passed.

I then asked him why West was only accepting pre-screened questions now after many of his constituents spoke out against the proposed budget?

He tried to tell me that West was accepting questions from everyone and that the media was lying. [Laffy Note: This video easily debunks that assertion]

I then pointed out to him that he himself posted on Facebook and Twitter than anyone who spoke out against him or heckled him at the town meetings would be arrested. [Laffy Note: Screen grab of that tweet here; scroll down]

His volunteer staff member then tried to tell me that he mis-posted his statements on both accounts that he now was accepting questions from everyone. He also told me, in contradiction, that Democrats had no right to be upset about the budget when it was the Democrats' fault for the budget and the deficit. He went even further to tell me that the Democrats were the problem and not the Tea Party.

I then asked him why it was okay for the Tea Party to heckle Democrats but it was not okay for Democrats to heckle the Tea Party members of congress during their town hall meetings?

He then again tried to tell me that Tea Partiers never heckled Democrats at their town hall meetings and that anyone who spoke out against the Tea Party should really just keep their mouths shut or they deserved to be arrested by police no matter what state they were from.

I then mentioned Nicole Sandler and how she was not only wrongly arrested but also maced for speaking her mind.

The response I got will not only shock you, your readers but also Nicole herself. His volunteer staff member told me that Nicole got what she deserved for speaking out against the agenda of West and the Tea Party. He said that Nicole should have been quiet and that more people should follow the lead of the Tea Party because the Tea Party had the agenda of the nation right and not the Democrats. He also told me that he did not understand why people were so upset by the budget or why they were upset about people being arrested when they all should learn respect and be quiet! He also told me that if Nicole Sandler was arrested then so be it, and it should show the rest of the nation what respect is and what should and should not be followed by other Americans. He also told me that speaking out against the Tea Party members in Congress would not be tolerated at their town hall meetings!

I then asked him why his congressman was not allowing free speech at his town hall meetings when everyone was entitled to free speech? I also asked him why the Tea Party was so against free speech from others but obviously not from their own party?

The only response he could give me was that the rest of the nation was in the minority on this issue, that the Tea Party would continue to win elections with this agenda, and that as long as people spoke out against the Tea Party's agenda that they would continue to be arrested. He said that the rest of the nation was on the wrong side of history and they should all join the Tea Party movement or continue to be ridiculed and arrested at town hall meetings across the nation! [Laffy Note: This from the guy who earlier said West mis-posted his statements about speaking out and getting arrested.]

So I then asked him why he thought that free speech only pertained to the Tea Party and not the rest of the nation?

He told me as he said before that the rest of the nation was on the wrong side of history, that the Tea Party held the right agenda and the majority across the nation and that ALL of us should be along side the Tea Party. He even tried to tell me that the President was on the wrong side of history and that is why he would be and should be voted out of office in 2012.

So then you just know that I had to go there before I would end my conversation with Allen West's volunteer staff member. I just had to ask him why even after the president released his long form birth certificate the Tea Party still wanted more information in regards to his education and attorney records?

Now I hope all of you are ready for his response and it should leave no doubt just how horrible their agenda for this nation really is and here is his response...He told me that all of the Tea Party felt that President Obama was not a legitimate president of the United States even with his long form birth certificate and that when Obama released the rest of his information that it would prove it and the rest of the nation would fall in line with West and the rest of the Tea Party. He also informed that President Obama should be impeached for not releasing his information sooner to the Tea Party and the rest of the nation. He then also informed me that even though it showed that his mother was born here, that Obama should still not be president because both of his parents were not born in the U.S.

So then I asked my final question along with a statement which was this. My question was why is the Tea Party more concerned about Obama's information and not jobs? Then I told him that according to the Constitution as long as one parent was born in the U.S. you could legally be president.

What he said next will surely cement the true Tea Party's agenda for all of you. He said that the Constitution must be changed so that only people could be president if BOTH parents were born in the U.S. He also said that jobs could not be a priority for the Tea Party until Obama was voted out of office and we had a Tea Party/Republican as president of the U.S. He said that it was time for Americans to stop supporting Obama and his radical agenda for the nation. He said it was time for people to stop being angry at town hall meetings and join the fight along side the Tea Party. He said that if people get arrested for speaking out against the Tea Party then that is the way it should be for them. He then ended by saying that Obama should not be president and could not be president in 2012 for the Tea Party to be focused on jobs and the economy and then the phone went dead. Yep that's right before I could ask anymore questions he hung up on me!

This should all of you how much the Tea Party is against Obama as president even though he has a legal right to be president. This should also show all of you just how much the Tea Party does not respect the free speech of others and only the free speech of their own party. This should show all of us that the only agenda of the Tea Party is to oust Obama at all cost and NOT to help struggling Americans find jobs in this great nation.

I myself think that the Tea Party and Allen West should both apologize to Nicole Sandler for their horrible actions from his town hall meeting! So Nicole if you happen to ever read this I support you 110%. I do not think you should have been arrested for speaking your mind at his town hall meeting and I also think that what you did was VERY VERY COURAGEOUS!

I think what happened to you was uncalled for and ridiculous and until he and the rest of the Tea Party apologize all of us should keep calling them and all of us should continue to be outraged and angry....there should be more people in the world like Nicole Sandler and we should all support her in her fight! Blessed be Nicole and keep up the good fight because you have me right along side you!

  • She was sprayed while in jail. I've provided every possible link and video,
    so if you didn't know that, you haven't bothered to read about it.

    By the way, unless I called you a hole, I don't see any name calling here.

  • DEB

    "Now go back to your hole. " Speaking of name calling.

    I then mentioned
    Nicole Sandler and how she was not only wrongly
    arrested but also maced for speaking her mind
    . When was she maced??? By the way I watched her video and yeah she was out of order.

  • DEB

    Nicole Sandler was rude, disruptive, and screamed, made an unnecessary scene. She didn't want an exchange she wanted to cause a scene. Guess she thinks her right to be disruptive is a priority to everyone else who was there. DIPSHIT

  • She has since posted videos that she took herself of the entire event, from
    beginning to end. Have you talked to her? I have, several times.

    She was there. You were not. She had witnesses. Oh, and she doesn't lie.

    Nice try.

  • RC

    Folks, I'm sorry but as a concerned progressive I have to ask that this nonsense stop. The above conversation is not hardly credible, and neither is Nicole's story. Video easily available on YouTube shows that she was disrupting the meeting for some time beofre the final straw, as a person with advanced Tourette's at a movie theater might. Nicole's description of being 'maced' is unlikely as 1) mace is no longer used by law enforcement so it would have been OC, 2) she first complained about her legs still being irritated when she appeared on Randi Rhodes when OC is intended to effect the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and throat so wouldn't likely have been applied to her legs 3) she changed her story when appearing on Malloy to describe the detox procedure of being flooded with water, but again fails to get the description of the pepper spray experience right and whines about the water and not the relief of being decontaminated 4) in her zeal to compare herself to Manning she never once mentions having her own clothes exchanged out for clean ones "like Manning" which is standard procedure since OC does not dissipate and perspiration easily reactivates it. In short, her descriptions of her 'experience' are those of a person relating second hand information they only half absorbed, not that of a person who actually went through the experience.

    We aren't going to get to the truth by lying.

  • Scott Levison

    Yeah dare we protest against the war and against Emperor Bush..HOW DARE WE....right?

  • Scott Levison

    Could've fooled me. Don't usually see Black guys who are pals with racist motorcycle gangs...

  • Scott Levison

    So I take it that you agree that those who disagree with Teabaggers should be arrested?

    West makes himself look bad.

  • This idiot has been banned. Sorry for the troll intrusion, guys.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    COME ON 2012

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Drop dead dead dead

  • Anonymous

    Only in your dreams fool

  • Alan West is black?

  • Vincenzo Pietracatella

    I am always amazed at how after all these years of tales of how brutal the system especially to minorities, that when someone who has been locked up is so shocked at what the norm really is. I am greatful that more of the truth will get publicized.

  • Rbaerlocher

    I really feel sorry for Jake! While we really do believe in getting free of OPEC the same as he does, we think about the right and the wrong way to free ourselves from them! Jake wants to drill baby drill, while we want to clean up the environment with new energy sources, like solar, wind, and thermal. The oil companies have over 1800 oil wells capped so they have to depend on OPEC oil. the reason for this is that they must charge what the domestic oil cost to produce. The cost is about $17 per barrel. The oil companies could not price gouge the consumers that way! The teas party is all about controlling the people not controlling corporate America. When we stop Corporate personification, when we stop the corporations from buying elections, when we stop the Republicans and the Tea Party from hurting our freedom of association through collective bargaining, the rights of all americans, then we will truly be free! You Tea party nuts are harming America more than the Republicans every thought about hurting us. Why don't you start reading all of the political articles you can, and while you are reading those why don't you read Mein Kompf! Read about the Russian Revolution, and why they revolted. What you as a political party are doing is the same reason for the Bolshevic Revolution. The Tea Party and the Republican Party are attempting to get total control of the people. This country will not stand for that! That is why the Republican governor of Michigan is going to be recalled, the Tea Party Governor of Wisconsin will be recalled, then jailed, and all of the Republican Senators in Wisconsin will be recalled. The Republican Senators in Florida have gotten the message, they shot down the anti-collective bargaining bill in Florida! Vermont is about to get single payor health care like the nation needs, and mosat of the states are about to totaslly reject the Tea Party and the Republican Party. Most of the Lastino's and the Asians did not vote in the 2010 elections! Now they know that was a mistake! The Progressives will vote in mass in the next election, and the Neo-Cons and the Tea Party will go! Out on their ears where they belong! The world will be a better place with them in the bread lines where they belong!

  • Rbaerlocher

    What this sounds like is the school yard bullies that get mad when they don't get their way! These nuts believe that they are more equal than anyone else. Their right come first, and everyone elses come last. This is what true socialism is! This is what thrue Fascists believe! We need to keep spreading the word, tha these Tea Patiers, and the Republicans will not be satisfied until we lose all of our freedoms! In A Word this means FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!

  • tesmith47

    Jake, you have been drinking too much "tea party" propaganda, the government is not the problem the problem is the corporate malignancy that is perverting everything.
    BTW you are a sad little sock puppet repeating neo liberal trash.

  • tesmith47

    no, the facist like police and force and lots of police are boderline facist

  • Anonymous

    She got what she deserved from speaking out? From using her First Amendment rights? I guess First Amendment rights only apply to the Republicans and their ilk.

  • Jake

    Oops, looks like I have been stiffled, so much for free speech. Congratulations on your marriage. I wish more of you could have conversations like JaymeH.

  • Jake

    Well JaymeH, where do I start? Saying things about Californians doesn't make me a racist....A statist maybe! I commend you on all the hard work that you do as well as your husband. I am also sorry about your accident, but it seems like you have been blessed in other ways.(Your Family) I can also tell from your comment that you are a reasonable person. In my experiences with progressives, I don't get to see that much. There is never going to be an agreement with your side or mine. You guys want it one way, we want it the other and we are always going to blame each other for being things we are not. My parents worked very hard for everything they have and they deserve that money as does everyone that pays in. But where does it stop and where does it become unsustainable. I think that moment is drawing very close. This country is going to be destroyed because we are no longer Americans but we are two very different cultures. Trump by the way is not our candidate, he is a wolf is sheeps clothing. He is not a serious candidate...Cmon, the birth certificate...really... The Donald is side show, but we do however need someone to stand up for America against China and OPEC...(Not Obama who seems to be embarrassed of us) We liberate people and fight wars for so-called Democracy all at our expense our blood and treasure. What do we get for it....(more people hating us) I think we need to pull out of the Middle East and let them do whatever they want and worry about defending our country. Why is it that your president is choosing where he wants to engage in these struggles....Egypt, Libya...What about Iran last year or Darfur...something is not right with that... They are playing some other kind of game. I am sorry that I want my kids to grow up in a society that is honest and just and doesn't look for handouts. We don't need the government to lift us up, that is what our family, friends and communities are for. We have too many people that are hooked on the system. How would you feel if the government came in and said, we are going to take half of your belongings and give it to this family because they have less. All those 50 hours weeks your husband put in was so you guys would be left with the same as someone who didn't work a day in their life. I don'f find that to be right. Maybe that is what you guys want. I don't know, I hope not.

  • Fairandbalanced

    Come on now, I saw what happened at this event. I was sitting 3 seats away from Ms. Sandler. She was so loud and disruptive that there was no other option for the police officer than to remove her from the town hall. It was obvious to me that she desired this to be the outcome of her actions. Did Allen West have her arrested? No way, Ms. Sandler made sure that she behaved in a way that there could be no other option for the officer than to arrest her. Here again, It was very obvious that she desired this outcome.

    What's most obvious here is that you and the liberal press just can't seem to come to grips with a black man that has left their 21st century plantation­! Allen West refuses to coincide with the role that you want black people to play; he refuses to be a "victim" and forges his own way through life using the freedoms our founding fathers left for us. The real part that you absolutely can't stand is...he is extremely successful doing it this way! This just rips you people apart! How dare him leave the plantation like this? Your solution is to try and make the man look bad, but the real outcome is that you are just helping to increase and solidify his support. Thanks for your help!

  • Jake

    My apologies, Ms. GottaLaff. I wasn't aware that I was writing a formal letter. Judging(is it o.k. if I start a sentence with a verb?) from your writing I can gather a few things. One, there probably isn't a Mr. GottaLaff, two, you are just another pretentious, elitist liberal who fancies(is that with a y's or is that tell me) themselves to be far superior than the masses(said with a stuffy English accent) yet you claim to be the party of the people. Well eventually these, "useful idiots as Ms. Piven refers to them as, will see that at the end of the day, you are really just trying to shift the power to a very small few..(uh oh, was that a run-0n sentence) Nobody complains about how rich Michael Moore is or George Soros, just the people that actually provide honest Americans with jobs, they are the evil ones.(crap) I also thought this whole dicussion board was about free speech, now are trying to stiffle mine....(guidelines, schmuidelines...actually not a word, no need to correct) It seems like you liberals use the constitution when it is convenient(spell check....correct..wheww that was tough one) to your needs. It was nice chatting with you, I have never been on one of these sites before and read the article because I agreed with you all. Free speech is free speech. After I read all the comments though I truly saw how crazy all of you are. Nazi's......Really people, I did see a bunch of the tea partiers the other day loading up six million Jews and putting them trains to their death. They really are similar...(let me try) Let's see...Code Pink, Black Panthers are just like Storm Troopers in Star Wars, killing all of the poor ill equipped(hyphen?? yes??no??) Ewalks....(wow you are right, that is fun making rediculous associations)

  • Jaymeh3204

    You seem like the racist here Jake. I live in California and I do not eat veggie burgers nor do I wear birkenstocks. I am on a weight loss program though because I do not prefer to be done by the time I am 50. Why are progressives not normal Americans? I pay my bills, I am not on welfare, I have children who get a great education and I stand up for what I believe in, is that not what america is about? The progressives are just as much capable of standing up against the Tea Party just like the Tea Party can stand up against democrats. But I do not appreciate is when the Tea Party thinks that they are the only ones who should be going to protests and speaking their minds when I should be allowed to do the same as know if you read the constitution like you were supposed to do in school you would know that everyone, including progressives are entitled to free speech! As far as not working hard, I worked hard from the time I was 18 until I was 35, after which I was injured in a car accident and now I am disabled. My husband works hard, close to 50 hours a week and he is a progressive too..imagine that? I do not consider "you" people racist by the way but what I do think is discriminatory is for you to continue to put all progressives into one category when you obviously do not know someone like me, my husband or my five children, which all by the way are being taught by hard working teachers, all have a 3.0 or above and all are quite well rounded not only to education and the constitution, but to religion, race, class, and so on. I do not know where you get off that we do not have an incentive to work, maybe you think that because my husband is Hispanic, which I am not by the way, or maybe you think that because the Tea Party has put lies in your head about how people who are not white do not work as hard, which again is not true, or maybe you think that because you think that people who do not follow god ( which I do not...I am Wiccan) are less than human, which is another lie provided to you the right wing and the Tea Party. Tell me something are you elderly parents enjoying Social Security? Do you know that if they end it your parents will not be receiving their Social Security that they paid into while they were working, nor will they get any Medicare? What will your parents ever do if they have no money to pay their bills and to live off of? Tell me something why does the right wing blames teachers when it is the right wing that has caused the most education budget cuts( Bush) and now teachers are being fired. I can tell you from personal experience that because of budget cuts my kids are now in classes ranging from 30 to 40 kids a class when before budget cuts there were only 20 in a class. Tell me something again Jake? Why is it not okay for someone like me to speak my mind and ask a question like Nicole Sandler was trying to do, when I have video and others do as well of the Tea Party going into hissy fits during the health care debate? I think it is time for you and others to not only stop the double standard but to also stop assuming that we are all the same when it is clear that we are not! Sounds to me like it is you who needs to grow up and if the only candidate you have is a racist like Trump, then I think Obama has got this one in the bag!

  • Jaymeh3204

    I am sorry you feel that way Jake because I am the one who made the phone and by the way I have not always been a progressive and I think that might be your problem is that you assume that all progressives are the same and we are not the same. Furthermore, before you judge me as being the same as everyone else let me tell you that I actually did protest the Iraq war, along with the war in Afghanistan. I actually used to be a republican after high school some 19 years ago and the reason I changed parties is because I cannot understand why they want to hurt the middle class as I saw happen with my hard working parents who were teachers for 40 years and were hardly ever home because they were always at school. As far as mental Illness why you would even mention such a horrible affliction, that I might add my son has, is beyond me. I am not bent on destroying this country but can you answer a question for me? Why is it okay for the Tea Party to heckle democrats during the health care debate but it is not okay for democrats and the middle class to heckle the Tea Party about cuts to education, Medicare and social security, which by the way millions of seniors depend on? I figure though since you seem to categorize all liberals/progressives into one category that I will not get a response.

  • labman57

    Congressional Republicans treat their town hall constituents in a manner similar to how Palin and Angle perceive the role of the news media:

    "We want them to only ask the questions that we want them to ask."

  • Um, Jake? It's civil. With an i, and Civil War should be capitalized...
    atheist, not "athiest"... mother's, with an apostrophe... graduating FROM
    college... management, with an e... separate, with an a... Birkenstocks,
    with an i...

    Apparently, you failed to pay attention in (public?) school. By the way, how
    are your elder relatives enjoying their Medicare?

    Now go read our guidelines. We don't allow baiting here. You will be deleted
    if you persist.

  • Jake

    Wow, C Bear good post... If you are an athiest, who probably sits in his mothers basement after graduating college with a degree in the study of cow farts and tree bark managment and just blogs all day...Speaking of cival war, the guy below you on your post looks like General Lee...Didn't know he was still alive..weird...Maybe it would be better to seperate the population, Progressives..(like you) and normal Americans...You guys can have California and eat all the veggie burgers and protest your little hearts out in your berkenstocks... Set up a huge government so that everyone is equal and there is no incentive to work harder than your neighbor because you just want to be average..Well obviously you have already taken that path. The real Americans will keep government out of our lives and we will see who turns out better. YOU people...(you people??? was that racist?? hmm??) are what is wrong with this country...It is hard to believe that you started out a precious gift from God and have become such a disgusting waste on our carbon dioxide limits....

  • Jake

    Wow, you progressives are bent on destroying this country. I really hope that someday you will recover from your mental illness you have been afflicted with. (Progressivism) Everything this country is about you idiots are against. Its like you progressives forget the horrible things you people did to Bush and protested agains the war... War are you now, why aren't you out in the streets protesting......If you love all of these country's that we are wronging why don't you go over there and live and see how you like it. I can't wait until America wakes up and see's what YOU people are really like and then you will all be running and hiding in the shadows where you belong!

  • That's not "closer ... to fascism" that's not "flirting with fascism."

    That's fascism. Here, ripe, and killing this country.

    But they won't cop to it. After all, Jonah Goldberg redefined Fascism so only Liberals are the real Fascists, according to him and his Mommy. So they *can't* be Fascists! One of their own revisionist historian authors says so!

  • C Bear

    Troll much? I also assume with a handle like "Islam is peace" you would infact not be Islamic and just another right-wing stooge trying the usual wedge tactics you undereducated bigots use to prevent the rest of the world from uniting and just burying you under the weight of your own inadequacies as human beings. (If any of those words are a bit hard, might I suggest using a dictionary to actually learn a few things.)
    As for your seemingly irrational rant ranging from topics like communism in public schools (ooo look over there, a straw man) to racism... I don't even know where to start. Based on their myriad (borderline unintelligable) statements it is ABUNDANTLY clear that the "tea baggers" are the ones who have no respect for the basic human rights guaranteed under not only the US Constitution and it's Amendments but also by a number of UN charters to which the US is a signatory. As much as the rest of the world might like to see the US splinter under factional politics and descend into another Civil War (which for all its bluster The South will just loose... again), I believe it would really be in the best interests of all for you to just grow up, treat each other like human beings regardless of differences (like race, gender, religion, political affiliation, sexuality, etc) and put your effort into worthwhile pursuits like ending poverty and homelessness, providing a proper education to all people, etc.
    But then I guess it is just easier to "bitch and moan" with impotent fury or to incite the kind of hatred which your supposed "saviour" Jesus Christ would himself find so abhorent.

  • Charlielindamood

    I thought that as soon as I saw the cop's uniform -it looked like something that the SS wore-Stiff white shirt-shoulder band- -badges down the sleeve- - these people (weak minded puppets) don't have a "constitution" or the ability to honor one if they did-

  • Charlie lindamood

    this is not about honoring the Constitution-It is about A Corporate Dictatorship using weak minded followers(they even gave them a title-Teapartiers) to do the repulsive, mean, dirty work necessary to destroy the Constitution & all it stands for! Normal patriotic citizens have empathy! We care about education, our children, our seniors. We respect the law & each other. The weak minded teaparty followers will be suprised when their "work" is done & they are kicked to the curb by the Corporations they sold their humanity too! They are too weak minded & full of self importance to realize what they are doing to themselves & their children! The police in the Sandler video was what we should expect when law enforcement, prison staffs & the legal system is privatised-Did you notice there was no concern shown for Nicole by the teapartiers or law enforcement! God forbid that any one of us be in the "wrong place @the wrong time" as she was!

  • Islam is peace

    When one doesn't agree with the Progressive communist trying to destroy the constitution and teach Marxism in our public schools - One is labeled a nazi, and a racist - The Leftist arrogance is beyond comprehension - It is refreshing to see Col Allan West and other black leaders like Herman Cain take head on the COMMUNISTS agitators and exposing them for what they are.

    Who are they going to call racist or bigoted NOW?

  • So what happens when someone shows up at one of his "town hall" propaganda endocrinations with a tee shirt that says "Republicans suck!", but don't say a word?

  • It's called "psychological projection." People who draw Hitler mustaches on pictures of Obama are telling you about their own minds.

  • "the Tea Party did not heckle democrats during the health care debate" -- Oh, I have video GALORE to burst that bullshit-bubble.

  • Jaymeh3204

    Do not be surprised that when and if you do get through that they will deny that the conversation ever happened or that he even said that. Not to mention remember I was put on hold for 30 minutes before anyone even got to me too.

  • loretta

    West's voice mail is full.
    Call back tomorrow.

  • loretta

    West's voice mail is full.
    Call back tomorrow.

  • Jaymeh3204

    I mean these people cannot be reasoned with what so ever and even for him to pretend or deny that anything happened at all is ridiculous and I promise you all that as long as this injustice continues to happen I will continue to call them on it every time and everyday.

  • HarborGuy

    "He also told me that if Nicole Sandler was arrested then so be it, and it should show the rest of the nation what respect is and what should and should not be followed by other Americans."

    EXACTLY what I posted all day yesterday.

    These Thugs will simply have anyone that crosses them arrested. Period.

    Why oh why the police think that they should support these T.HaterBaggerTerrorists is beyond me...right now it's the teachers...but just wait, they will turn on the police at some point.

  • Anonymous

    The tea Party seems a lot like the Nazi party to me. West is authoritarian personality surrounded by authoritarian who think that the constitution should be amended to suit their ideology. What happened to their belief in the constitution?

  • Liquid

    Uhh, 'anyone who doesn't agree with us and says so will be arrested'?!?
    Is America getting even closer to flirting with actual fascism??
    (Fascist tendencies, obviously, are present... But this is impossible-to-ignore practical fascism._

  • The Tea Party... fighting for their rights to say "screw you" to the rest of the country.