U.S.-Mexico border crossings plunge, agents are bored


In my morning L.A. Times, there was a story about plummeting border crossings about which I haven't heard a peep anywhere else. There has been such a steep drop in illegal entries, in fact, that border agents are getting bored, falling asleep, and getting fired or disciplined for their inability to keep their eyes open.

That's right, illegal crossings have sunk to record low levels, so the U.S. Border Patrol is dozing off.

This is not to say the problem has gone away, there are still about 450,00 people (down from 1.6 million) who get through, but the numbers have gone way down since the year 2000, by about two-thirds. Why?

[B]eefed-up enforcement and the job-killing effects of the great recession have combined to reduce the flood of immigrants in many former hot spots to a trickle. [...]

From 2005 to 2010, apprehensions of immigrants dropped 95%, from 138,460 to 7,116. Vehicle drive-throughs fell from 2,700 to 21 during the same period. Farmers are now able to plant crops in once-trampled fields. And residents don't find immigrants hiding under their cars anymore.

That is some major drop. Yet not a word about it on the Tee Vee Machine.

You can read the entire article here.