Michigan citizens group files petition to recall King, er, Gov. Rick Snyder


As you probably know, we have been all over the reign of King Ricky Snyder and his power grabs via his financial martial law (Rachel Maddow, you have our undying gratitude):

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We've also covered his impending recall.

But something we haven't covered is a citizen group's push for his recall. Think Progress has more details, but here's the gist:

A group called Michigan Citizens United filed a petition seeking the recall of Gov. Rick Snyder with the Washtenaw County clerk’s office this morning. [...]

[Michigan Citizens United spokesman] Kramer said the group opposes the emergency manager law, among other policies of the governor. “We don’t like the tax decrease on corporations or the tax increase on Michigan families,” he said.

And the New Civil Rights Movement continues...

  • I wish we could get something going in New Jersey against Chris Christie, but back on subject, I am proud of Michigan for going after this dirtbag, what were they thinking, probably the frustration of the loss of jobs, not thinking that it would have been worse, if President Obama go in and try to save the auto industry. Buyers remorse, bad decisions made by angry people comes back to bite them.

  • Anonymous

    King Snyder's Ricktatorship will be brought down by us lowly peasants.