AZ birther bill's "penile code": Document your circumcision & you're qualified to run for president


Is this for real?

Just when you think you've heard everything, just when you think the RWNJ can't get any RWNJobbier, just when you think Arizona laws can't get any more extreme, we get this story from the Phoenix New Times.

It's ridiculous enough to insist that a presidential candidate must present a birth certificate as a prerequisite for a run. It's quite another to require proof of what one's penis looks like.

A circumcision certificate (which is not a legal document, just by the way), per an Arizona Senate-approved birther bill, is apparently considered valid proof of citizenship, in a last resort kind of way. The House now has to approve it, which seems likely.

Seriously, folks.

Enforcing this "penile code" should be, um, interesting.

Read the amended version of the bill here.

H/t: @rfrancisr2010

  • Meantime, I meant what I said in my opener: Is this for real?

  • I hope they don't ask men for the 'leftover bit'. I had mine bronzed and am wearing it in my nose.

    All the same, I am pleased that AZ allows Jewish Males and Catholic females to run, assuming they can provide the legal documents- uh, since most circumcision doesn't come with a Cutificate of Authendickity, this could be a problem.

  • bpollen

    Yeah, definitely discriminatory... and it is also a bit ironic. Aren't the fools that voted this in the same fools who claim this is a Kristian nation? And aren't circumcision certificates filled out by a mohel?

    I can just see it now: "I don't have a circumcision certificate, but -THWAAP! - here's proof I am circumcised."

  • mamamassage

    Well that's an easy discrimination suit. You and I (and more than half the population) can't get one of those.