Do the math: New budget deal saves $38 billion. Bush tax cut deal COST $150 billion.


These are two of the most important sentences of the day. Via Think Progress:

Extending the Bush tax cuts “would result in a $200 billion to $300 billion cost to the US Treasury compared to what had been expected” in one year — or $100 to $150 billion in six months. So while they very nearly shut down the government to extract painful spending cuts, Republicans had already wiped out those spending cuts many times over with the revenue lost from extending the Bush tax cuts.

Of course, restoring tax rates to Clinton era (or Reagan era) levels so that the very wealthiest could actually contribute to the well being of the nation is asking way too much. We wouldn't want to alienate 400 Americans out of over 310 million, now would we, because that would be wrong.

Instead, cut the hell out of important programs and services that actually, you know, help people stay alive and healthy.

And by all means, French kiss as many corporations as possible, because you never know when they'll stuff your pockets with cash while alienating the other 98% of the country.

That's what happens when you get dazed, confused, and all Koch'd up.

You can read the rest of the TP post here.

  • CAB

    Check out ALEC watch. These are the large corporations funding these right wing reactionary policies. Bank of America, State Farm, Geico, Citibank, big oil, the Koch brothers. See the list and boycott these businesses. Go to a credit union or small local bank. Pull your assets out of these too big to fail banks. The streets and the boycott are all that is left to us. It is obvious they want it all. No Unions, no collective bargaining, no social security, no minimum wage. Citizens United upheld by the fascist supreme court. The list is endless as to the wants of the rich and powerful.

  • The "dazed and confused" part is right, but not from being "all Koched up", from being all DINOed up as the DINOs' apologist.

    The Democrats had every chance in the world to rescind the Bush tax cuts for the past two years, yet they chose to do nothing. Please don't try to blame that on the Senate Republican "obstructionists", because Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats could have easily removed the filibuster and passed any progressive bill they wanted.

    Of course, this week the DINOs gave the Republicans everything they wanted and more in the budget bill, yet the DINOs, Think Progress as well as you try to blame their sins on the Republicans.

    Face it, the Republicans and the DINOs are one and the same, except that the DINOs lie about not being Republicans. That goes for DINO Obama as well.

    Next year in the Democratic Primaries, vote out all DINOs, especially DINO Obama. Vote only for Progressive Democrats.

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