Do the math: New budget deal saves $38 billion. Bush tax cut deal COST $150 billion.


These are two of the most important sentences of the day. Via Think Progress:

Extending the Bush tax cuts “would result in a $200 billion to $300 billion cost to the US Treasury compared to what had been expected” in one year — or $100 to $150 billion in six months. So while they very nearly shut down the government to extract painful spending cuts, Republicans had already wiped out those spending cuts many times over with the revenue lost from extending the Bush tax cuts.

Of course, restoring tax rates to Clinton era (or Reagan era) levels so that the very wealthiest could actually contribute to the well being of the nation is asking way too much. We wouldn't want to alienate 400 Americans out of over 310 million, now would we, because that would be wrong.

Instead, cut the hell out of important programs and services that actually, you know, help people stay alive and healthy.

And by all means, French kiss as many corporations as possible, because you never know when they'll stuff your pockets with cash while alienating the other 98% of the country.

That's what happens when you get dazed, confused, and all Koch'd up.

You can read the rest of the TP post here.