Arizona restores organ transplant funding



Lest we forget amid all the haggling and battling over the budget, people's lives are at stake not only because of threatened cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and Planned Parenthood, but also because of the defunding of a vital transplant program.

Remember Janet Brewer’s personal “death panels” as she allowed the heart wrenching, jaw-dropping elimination of funding for transplant patients?

Well now there is encouraging news to report:

PHOENIX (Reuters)Arizona has restored funding for some organ transplants that the state cut last year in a controversial move to help close a yawning budget deficit.

Under a new budget signed by Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer late on Wednesday, the state will again provide coverage for pancreas, liver, heart and lung transplants for Medicaid patients in the state aged 21 and older.

The funding is retroactive to April 1st.

Now that's what I call pro-life. Well, except of the part that doesn't include anyone under 21. But it is a huge improvement..