Something stinks


Via WisPolitics:

The Waukesha County Clerk planned a 5:30 p.m. news conference today to discuss its vote totals amid reports that it failed to include the votes for Brookfield in the results it sent The Associated Press on Election Night.

It could represent a more than 7,000-vote swing in an election that whipped back and forth this afternoon as county canvass totals came in.

Brookfield City Clerk Kris Schmidt: "I have no clue what’s going on. No one has officially told me what’s going on."

How reassuring.

Now couple that up with this:

As a key sign of just how much Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser’s corporate supporters are willing to spend to keep him on the bench, Prosser’s campaign just announced its hire of one of the most high-profile election lawyers in the country — Bush v. Gore recount attorney Ben Ginsberg.

Add this into the mix:

Officials dispute reliability of Waukesha County clerk's election data system

Here we go again.

  • B173d

    I wouldn't trust or digest one iota of IT vote information handed out by that GOP Waukesha County Clerk to be the Gospel even if she says that her own "personal computer system" was taste tested by 3 GOP food testers, vetted by the CIA and backed by all the Saints in Heaven.

    Seize and examine all of her computer systems in her office and home, to include backups, records and logs and put her a$$ under oath without immunity this time.

    She is a well known GOP operative that has been in trouble before and is willing to fall on the sword for the cause again.

    Plus you know something doesn't pass the smell test when Prosser's gang hires that sleazebag Ginsberg and FitzWalker wants to run his petiton pass the Supreme Court all of a sudden.

    Welcome to FitzWalker's Kochstanistan peasants.

  • Gregg M.

    They JUST FIND enough votes to give Prosser a 6000 plus win? Bullcrap! Something stinks alright...and it's elephant dung!