Madison unions file suit alleging collective bargaining bill unconstitutional


Via WisPolitics:

Three labor unions have sued Gov. Scott Walker and the state claiming the collective bargaining bill infringes on employees’ equal protection rights and their rights to freedom of speech and association.

Good. No, excellent.

The press release, in part:

In the lawsuit, the Plaintiffs request that the court find Act 10 unconstitutional and therefore declare it null and void. The lawsuit asserts that the Act impermissibly infringes on employees’ constitutionally protected rights to equal protection and freedom of speech and association.

EQUAL PROTECTION: The lawsuit asserts that many of the limitations imposed on employees who are in a unions do not apply to employees who are not in a union. It also treats members of some unions differently than members of other unions.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ASSOCIATION: The lawsuit further alleges that Act 10 imposes an impermissible burden on municipal employees’ ability to exercise their constitutional right to associate and assemble, and to express their views in concert with one another, and to petition their State and local governments regarding matters that are of mutual concern to them.

Enough is enough. Busting unions, essentially defunding support for Democrats, which is, in turn, a push for one party rule, is unAmerican. Stomping all over the rights working Americans is creating quite a backlash. It's time to bust the busting.