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TPC Exclusive: Reader's conversation with Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy's secretary



One of our regular TPC readers and a Twitter pal, Wiccaspirits, has contributed terrific information and conversations with notables in the past, and is sharing yet another one.

As you may have heard, Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy was kvetching and whining  about making a measly $174,000 in 2010. Poor thing.

Well our Wiccaspirits took it upon herself to call his office. Here is her email to me of her experience, verbatim (I made minor corrections, with her permission). While you're at it, read TPM's piece. It's one you should not pass up.

Now, here is Wicca's story:

I first asked the person I was speaking on the phone with why Mr. Duffy is complaining about making 174,000 when families like myself are struggling everyday just to pay our bills?

The woman on the phone told me that the article on was a false article and that Mr. Duffy was tired of the so called " media" lying about him and his family.

I then asked how the media was lying because this information was clearly filed in his financial report for 2010?

This woman then had the nerve to try to tell me that Mr. Duffy never filed a financial report and the claims that were filed were false claims. She even tried to tell me that as a new member of Congress, it was not required for members to file a financial report. She then went on to tell me that he now sleeps in his office and his now " supposedly" one of the poorest members of congress. She also said that Rachel Campos Duffy, his wife, does not make any money and that Mr. Duffy is the bread winner of the family.

I then cornered her again by telling her that unless she was blind, his wife is an author and was a part of his financial report because she did bring in money for the family in 2010!

I told her that my family and other like me could only dream of making 174,000 in one year. I also told her that as far as I was concerned he had no business complaining about making so much money when so many families are struggling.

She then informed me that the reasons families were losing money was because the Democrats were causing Americans to lose jobs and their homes, and unless Democrats acknowledged that the Republicans were right for limiting unions and cutting so much out of the budget, things would only get worse. She added that Mr. Duffy's statements were made at a town hall meeting and that the media needs to stop lying and taking what Republican officials say out of context. She also continued to deny that his wife ever made any money from being an author.

I then asked her if she was concerned about how angry some Americans would be at his statements.

Her reply:  Americans should be angry with Democrats and President Obama for not cutting more out of the budget and not adhering to Republican demands for limiting government. She then went on to tell me that Mr. Duffy supported Governor Walker's attempt to limit unions if it meant cutting more out of Wisconsin's budget.

So then I asked her why, if Democrats were to blame, are Republicans costing many public workers better health insurance, better pay, and a better living but limiting union rights?

She told me that Republicans are only trying to cut the budget wherever they can.

I said even if it is on the backs of teachers?

What she said next stunned the hell out of me. She actually tried to tell me that teachers across the nation are to blame for the children who are failing across America and therefore but by limiting union rights they would be able to weed out the good teachers from the bad.

I said are you kidding me? Teachers are not to blame for failing grades. If a family cannot afford for their child to go to school due to poverty then the child does not go to school. Not to mention that due to budget cuts in many states, there are 40 kids in one class and you cannot expect for a child who might be falling behind to get the one on one attention he needs with teacher budget cuts and school budget cuts.

She replied that if there were 40 kids in a class that it was because teachers were not doing their jobs and they were fired because of it. She apologized for so many Americans that were struggling, but added that Republicans were determined to do whatever was necessary to pass these budget cuts to help their states. She also had the nerve to tell me that maybe it was time for more children to be home schooled because they might receive a better education.

I then asked her the million dollar question. Does Mr. Duffy care about struggling families?

She said that he did, but that the cuts had to come from somewhere and if Democrats were not going to help cut the budget that the Republicans would. She said that Democrats needed to stop pandering and help Republicans pass their budget.

I then ended by conversation with her by telling her that I was sick and tired of Republicans only caring about hurting middle class families like myself who do not make close to $174,000 a year. I also told her that it was time to stop hurting the American people with their agenda of hurting struggling families even more. I told her that their policies were not helping people like me, they were hurting us, and if I made as much money as some of these politicians made I would have nothing to be complaining about.

And I told her that it was damn time to stop catering to corporations because of how much money they give to their campaigns but it was time to start focusing on jobs and the economy. I told her I was tired of Republicans in Congress and across the nation trying to cram bills through that were not good for jobs, the economy or American families.

What she did next stunned me again. She said that she was sorry that I felt that way, she said she was sorry that families were struggling, but that Republicans have an agenda and that they are going to stick with their agenda. She also said that if people have a problem with it, then they can go to the polls and vote differently, even though she thinks that Republicans will be re elected not only to Congress, but the White House. She then told me to have a nice day and hung up on me.

Now let me say a few things here. First if it was not obvious as to what the Republicans agenda was before, it certainly is now. It clearly seems to me that their agenda is to hurt middle class families and to only help corporations. I am stunned that she tried to claim that his wife Rachel Campos Duffy was not an author and did not make any money for the family. I am disappointed in the fact that rather than giving me good ideas for jobs and the economy, all she could do was continue to blame Obama without giving my any reasons why.

My wish as all of you are reading this is that we will ALL go to the polls and vote every single one of these schmucks out of office so that they only serve one term.


Video- Glenn Beck Says Obama Adviser Brennan Made "Anti-Semitic" Comment By Using Arabic Name For Jerusalem


Because no day is complete without a little crazy from Glenn.


Gallup- Americans' Top Job-Creation Idea: Stop Sending Work Overseas


I really wish we had started a robust WPA type program a couple years ago.

PRINCETON, NJ -- One in four Americans say the best way to create more jobs in the U.S. is to keep manufacturing in this country and stop sending work overseas. Americans also suggest creating jobs by increasing infrastructure work, lowering taxes, helping small businesses, and reducing government regulation.


Americans and their elected representatives are highly focused on employment and jobs at this juncture in history. Gallup's unemployment tracking shows some slight improvement this month, and Gallup finds job creation is more positive than a year ago. Still, Americans consistently say that jobs and the economy are the most important problems facing the country, with 26% citing jobs specifically as the nation's most important problem in March.


Removal of Maine labor mural may have breached contract between artist, Labor Department


I can't believe he's hiding the thing, what a petty little schmuck this guy is. Here's hoping that the artist drags him into court and humiliates him. Via Wonkette.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Critics of Gov. Paul LePage’s decision to remove a mural depicting Maine’s labor history from Department of Labor offices — and then conceal its location — continue to raise legal and ethical questions about the administration’s actions.

Michelle Small, a Brunswick resident and member of the Freedom of Information Coalition, filed a Freedom of Access request with the administration to obtain the location of the mural, which was removed over the weekend and is being kept in an undisclosed location.

Also, critics are questioning whether the removal breached the contract between the Department of Labor and artist Judy Taylor, who lives in Tremont and spent a year creating the piece. Officials said it was funded through a $60,000 award using mostly federal money.

A copy of a contract between the department and Taylor obtained by the Bangor Daily News specifies that “the artist and [Maine Arts] Commission will be notified if, for any reason, the work has to be removed or moved to a new location.” The contract then states that the artist and the commission have the right to “advise or consult” with the state regarding the relocation.

In past media reports, Taylor has stated that the administration has not contacted her about the mural’s relocation, adding Monday that she does not know where her artwork is being stored. The Maine Arts Commission has been in contact with the administration.

The final line of the contract states that the agreement “may be amended or modified only if in writing and signed by the parties.”