WI judge blocks further implementation of collective bargaining bill, threatens contempt


This had to happen. If you need more back story, go here, but here are the basics:

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi today granted a temporary restraining order blocking publication of the collective bargaining bill.

Sumi said she was given no evidence to show why the conference committee could not have given a 24-hour notice for its meeting last week or why a timely notice was not provided.

More here.

But it was published anyway. Apparently Scott Fitzgerald didn't care about any little ol' legal ruling.

He better start caring now. Via WisPolitics:

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi issued an order this afternoon blocking further implementation of the collective bargaining bill. [...]

Sumi also warned that those who act "in willful defiance of a court order" not only may subject themselves to sanctions, but endanger the financial and governmental health of the state.

But why would Fitz and King Scotty Walker worry about the financial and governmental health of the state... or that of the people, for that matter? King Scotty couldn't even keep his promise about spending.

They are now finding themselves up against the New Civil Rights Movement, and even a judge, both representing the people, not corporate interests. Surprise!

Stay tuned.

H/t: Leftpalm

  • Anonymous

    why haven't fitz and walker been busted for contempt of court yet?
    inquiring minds want to know!

  • I hope every single one of Walker's gop goon squad will be found in contempt if they go above this ruling.

  • Poor Fitzy & King Snotty Walker got dissed!