“Death Panels for Profit”: 14 Felonies Later, Gov Rick Scott Wants Taxpayers to Fund His Clinics


First things first. Let's revisit Florida Governor Rick Scott's past:

In the 1990’s, Scott headed Columbia/HCA Healthcare, the largest for-profit hospital in America. Under Scott’s leadership, Columbia/HCA committed major Medicare fraud. They had to pay the government 2 billion dollars in settlement fees and interest, which made it the largest fraud case in history. The company was found guilty of systematically over-billing the taxpayer for services. Scott was forced to resign just before the judgment came down and Dr. Thomas Frist Jr., brother of U.S. Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tenn., was brought in to replace him as chairman and CEO. Feel better yet? [...]

Rick’s stewardship in one of the FBI’s highest priority white-collar crimes brought fraud not just to Florida, but also Texas, Georgia and Tennessee, in case you were feeling left out. This is what Rick Scott calls the competitive “free market.” And they wonder why we need regulators and we wonder why they don’t want them. Not to worry, though, Scott was paid $9.88 million in a settlement for being forced to resign as CEO, and he also left owning 10 million shares of stock worth over $350 million.

I am so lucky to have buddies over at Politicususa, because they do such great work, and I encourage all of you to visit their site often. In the meantime, here are a couple of more excerpts from a substantive post that has a lot more than I can post here:

When Republicans tout themselves as pro-business and claim that running a state or the country is like being the CEO, it’s probably best to look into their background and see exactly what they did with that company they ran. If they, like Scott, ran a company that admitted to committing fourteen felonies, you might want to think twice before turning your state’s coffers over to him. [...]

Big daddy is in the house, and he’s cleaning up government fraud and waste by those awful, horrible, lazy, entitled state workers and the welfare bums won’t get away with it anymore! In other words, keep your eye over here, on the state workers and the welfare recipients while Scott dips his hands into the wide-open cookie jar of your tax dollars and just takes what he wants. After Enron, our non-activisty supreme court ruled that enriching oneself at the taxpayers cost is not illegal. So technically, Scott’s theft of the taxpayers to enrich himself is not prosecutable this time around.

No wonder he ran for office.

The new flock of radical GOP governors who managed to convince voters to elect them (while others either voted for the opposition or obliviously sat out the election) are finally drawing the negative attention they so deserve. People are protesting, unions are gaining support, and voters are experiencing buyer's remorse as it dawns on them how far these extremists will go with their power grabs at their expense.

I have yet to hear King Ricky Snyder explain where he found "financial martial law" in the U.S. Constitution.

And I have yet to hear Floridians explain why they elected a felon-by-association.

Please read the entire piece over at Politicususa. Then share it with everyone you know.