Scott Fitzgerald's "publishing" anti-union law "constructively no different than visiting Kinko's"


Yesterday, in a previous post, I was highly annoyed at Scott Fitzgerald... again. You see, there had been a restraining order granted by a judge that blocked publication of Wisconsin’s terrible collective bargaining law. That meant means the law wasn’t supposed to go into effect until it was litigated.

But Fitzgerald didn't care about that:

Madison - A controversial bill limiting collective bargaining for public workers has been officially published despite a temporary restraining order barring its publication.

A lot of us ranted and raved about his brazen disregard for the judge's order. However, after having read the "Illusory Tenant", it appears that Fitz, who clearly is of very little brain, confused "printing" with "publishing":

Senator's bold move constructively no different than visiting Kinko's [...]

"Publish" and "publication" are legal terms of art referring here to a step in the legislative process immediately preceding enforceability. [...]

But I suspect "publish" doesn't mean publish in the sense that the Secretary of State is enjoined from doing, but rather publishing as in printing onto paper, as §35.095 resides in a subchapter of the statutes entitled, "LEGISLATIVE; CLASS 1 PRINTING." Therefore it's reasonable to wonder whether Fitzgerald is trying to pull a fast one (it's also reasonable to wonder that just because it's Fitzgerald).

There Posturing Fitz goes again, confirming what we already know about his sleaziness.

Please read the whole thing, it's well worth it.

Added: Sequel here.

H/t: Charles Brace