Wisconsin collective bargaining bill published despite restraining order


If you recall, there was a restraining order granted by a judge that blocked publication of Wisconsin's terrible collective bargaining law.That meant means the law wasn't supposed to go into effect until it was litigated.

But that didn't stop the Walker the WonderWank, Inc. It's being enacted, regardless:

Madison - A controversial bill limiting collective bargaining for public workers has been officially published despite a temporary restraining order barring its publication.

The legislation was published Friday with a footnote that notes the restraining order, but says the law "requires the Legislative Reference Bureau to publish every act within 10 working days after its date of enactment."

The publication of the law means that it will take effect Saturday.

Here it is, in black and white. More like black and blue.

More details here, at JSOnline.

UPDATE: According to Jon Erpenbach, they are still trying to determine legalities. (H/t: Naomi Houser). On his Facebook page, he posted the following:

Fitzgerald ordered LRB [Legislative Reference Bureau] to publish the law. It's unclear if that does in fact make it law. LRB is unclear on that too. Lawyers are sorting things out.

Fitzgerald has ordered a non partisan agency to do something that us clearly partisan. Never ever has that been done before.

So it was Fitzgerald.

"Never ever has that been done before." Nor have a lot of things these days. I don't recall the destruction of democracy being on the agenda of American voters, yet that is what the Wisconsin GOP is determined to achieve.

I feel a few more major protests coming on.

  • Deke4

    It seems the third branch of government has become either all powerful or sterile. In the 2000 election fiasco it arbitrarily stopprd a legitimate recount in Florida that the Florida legislature enacted a long time ago. That now infamous US Supreme Court defied the 10th Amendment to the Constitution which says "Any power not expressly given to the Federal government is reserved to the states and to the people." No where in the Constitution does it say the Federal government has the power to determine the qualifications for voting, how elections are to be conducted, and the method by which close elections will be resolved. All those Republicans cherished the idea that the Supreme Court, somewhat shamefacedly, stopped the recount.
    Now it seems the Governor Of Wisconsin, a Republican, feels he could defy an order issued by a court. They think nothing of destroying the separation of powers when it suits their purposes. We are not so slowly being put back into the same status that the early colonists fled from England. We are becoming a fiefdom the likes of which will make us envy precolonial England. nAt least England had the Magna Carta. Here we have acts that are decided upon by hypocrites. There are numerous documented instances where the right " was for it before they were against it or vice versa".

  • What's the big surprise? The federal government has done much worse in the past ten years and we never did anything about it.

    Now it's going to be that much harder winning back our Democracy on both a federal and state level.

    Meanwhile, over 80% of all voting machines are still easily hackable.

  • How does it feel to be the first state that has officially turned their citizens into serfs?

  • Anonymous

    "Yet that is what the Wisconsin GOP is determined to achieve"

    ...and the Michigan GOP, lest we forget us Michiganders no longer have a vote or voice at the state or local level.

  • Vandenburg

    I think this is just a way to get the ruling heard before the new election of SC members which should lean the court back towards the left.

  • First contempt of the people, now contempt of the judiciary. They think they are above the law?