Judge blocks publication of Wisconsin collective bargaining law


Yesterday I posted that this was coming. It came, alright, like a hurricane.

Per MSNBC just now, there were indications from the judge that the case against the law has a decent chance of winning on the merits.

Via WisPolitics:

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi today granted a temporary restraining order blocking publication of the collective bargaining bill.

Sumi said she was given no evidence to show why the conference committee could not have given a 24-hour notice for its meeting last week or why a timely notice was not provided.

More here.

Added, liveblog: This means the law cannot go into effect until it is litigated, per John Nichols just now on the Thom Hartmann radio show. Nichols: They've already passed some elements separately. So far the governor's office's response is to let the legal process play out. Walker has serious internal problems in his Republican caucus in the Senate, so with the recall coming soon, he may not have enough support to pull off a redo by pulling the law and reintroducing it, if that's what they're thinking of doing.

Wisconsin was supposed to be the fuel for the fire that burned in other states doing similar things.

Frank Luntz had spent time with Walker and his staff, Rove and national conservatives have been in crisis mode for several weeks, says Nichols. The radical transition is helping Obama's numbers, and Rove, etc. are seeing a problem in '12. These are not political geniuses.