Another way to donate to Japan


One of my favorite TPC readers sent me the following email, and I am more than happy to share it with you:

I am a very very small business owner. I am a painter and along with selling the original works, I also put the awesome images on stuff. (See the attached images below). I decided that from today through March 17th, I would donate 100% of my profits to the Global Relief Fund for Japan. This is the link to my store.

Also, if people are so inclined to buy more than $45 worth, they can get an extra 15% off with a coupon code that Cafepress had given me: TMAR1145

I will not make one red cent from this and just hope that I can provide a cool way for people to get stuff and donate money at the same time.

(Lotus Yoga Mat)

She has more. Just follow the link.