The cover of Joe McGinniss' new book about Sarah Palin, 'The Rogue'


Reminds me of the Bond movie silhouettes. As does Ben, I wonder if by September when it comes out, anyone will give a crap. She's burning her star out pretty fast.

  • "real" Sarah Palin? Where do you guys get this stuff...

  • "Searching for the REAL Sarah Palin"

    Well, good luck with that, Joe -- nobody's been able to find that in the last two-plus years . . .

  • Agreed; in order for it to be like Bond, we'd an image of Palin walking in front of a gun barrel, then her turning toward us and shooting -- and missing, of course . . .

  • Jenni_o

    The Neo-Con Conformist is more appropriate.

  • That's not Bond, that's more like John D. MacDonald.