Right-leaning think tank: Rove group "misrepresented" data in ad attacking public unions


Earlier, Paddy posted the new Rove-PAC American Crossroads attack ad that includes the usual fear tactics and  "thug" references. Paddy added, "If they’re dropping three quarters of a mil, they’re scared."

The Cato Institute, which is the conservative think tank cited in the ad, is objecting. Greg Sargent has much more, but here are a couple of excerpts:

The ad misrepresents the gap between union and non-union government workers, and it appears to misrepresent the 42 percent statistic as if it were between government and private workers," Edwards told me.

Crossroads GPS's willingness to use data supplied by a fiscally conservative think tank in a way that even the study's pro-free market author finds objectionable tells you all you need to know about the lengths some conservatives will go to in order to turn public opinion in this fight to their advantage.

Of course, even if they correct themselves, the message has been sent, and that was the intention.