John Ensign To Retire


My pal Greg Ostravich saw this and said, "Did he say it was so he could spend more time with his employee's wife?"

Via email:

WASHINGTON (AP) AP sources: GOP Senator John Ensign of Nevada will announce that he won't seek re-election.

TPM has more:

Roll Call reports that Ensign will announce his retirement at today's press event.

If you recall, the Nevada senator was having an affair with a married staffer:

[Q]uestions surrounding whether he helped the husband of the aide in question, also a staffer, get a lobbying job after he discovered their relationship.

You can go back and read our posts about all of this here.

Thanks for the memories, John.

UPDATE, it's official (blog title edited):

LAS VEGAS (AP) GOP Senator John Ensign of Nevada says he won't seek re-election
  • Montana

    This was a long time in coming, goodbye "hush money" Senator John Ensign (R-NV), don't let the door hit you. The party of "Family Values" my ass, more like the "Party of hypocrites". Poor Christopher Lee, at least he resigned! What about the "diaper boy" and big mouth Senator David Vitter (R-LA)! Too Funny!

  • 42bkdodgr

    Does that mean, if Ensign decides not to run, we will have to listen Sharron Angle 's lunatic remarks, as she tries for another run to be one of Nevada Senators.