A letter to Scott Walker from Sen. Dem Leader Mark Miller


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This was sent to me by one of my Wisconsin sources:

March 7, 2011
Governor Scott Walker Senator Scott Fitzgerald
115 East State Capitol 211 South State Capitol
Madison, WI 53707 Madison, WI 53707


Dear Governor Walker and Senator Fitzgerald:

Over the past several weeks we have witnessed an unprecedented public debate in Wisconsin over the value of
public workers and the importance of collective bargaining rights. I write today to offer to meet, in-person, as
soon as possible to resume discussions on how we reach a bipartisan solution to our differences on January 2011 Special Session Senate and Assembly Bill 11.

The working people of Wisconsin are deeply concerned about what the future holds for their families, and for the great state they call home. Now more than ever they are counting on us as leaders to work together to resolve our differences to move our state forward.

Since the bill’s introduction, public workers have come forward to offer economic concessions and Democrats have offered a number of proposals to try to reach a bipartisan resolution.

I assure you that Democratic State Senators, despite our differences and the vigorous debate we have had,
remain ready and willing to find a reasonable compromise. To that end, I would ask that you or your authorized representatives agree to meet with us near the Wisconsin-Illinois border to formally resume serious discussions as soon as possible.

The people of Wisconsin are overwhelmingly supportive of us reaching a bipartisan, negotiated compromise. Senate Democrats stand ready to do just that, we ask that you do the same.


Mark Miller
Senate Democratic Leader

Also via my source: Walker has already nixed a meeting - on right wing radio.

This comes amid at least one report that the Democrats plan to end the stand-off.

I'm in wait-and-see mode, because I've heard conflicting reports, including the one above. Either way, there's a movement under way, and we have Scott Walker, among others, to thank for that.

UPDATE: CNN just reported that the Dems are prepared to stay away longer. Walker's presser was just carried live, for about 3 minutes, before CNN and MSNBC cut away. They showed no Q and A, just a few minutes of Walker was basically whining his usual whine.

UPDATE, the response to the refusal to meet:

Contact: Senator Mark Miller

March 7, 2011

* *

*Statement of Senate Democratic Leader Mark Miller in response to reports the Governor and legislative Republicans refuse to negotiate with him:*

* *

“The overwhelming majority of Wisconsin residents want Democrats and Republicans to work together to reach a compromise on the Governor’s proposed mini-budget.

If the Governor doesn’t wish to meet with me, I invite him to talk to any member of the Senate Democratic Caucus.

We are all ready, willing and able to meet with him to move Wisconsin forward.”