We have no choice


The GOP has no foresight or grasp of the health of our planet and wants to do away with the Environmental Protection Agency.

The GOP wants to do away with unions.

The GOP wants to do away with the middle class.

The GOP wants to do away with the Democratic party.

The GOP wants to do away with free speech and expression.

The GOP wants to do away with human dignity.

The GOP wants to do away with civility toward anyone who is not like them, meaning white and/or Christian.

The GOP wants to do away with health care for anyone but the wealthiest Americans... Especially women's health care.

The GOP wants to do away with allowing two people who love each other to marry each other.

The GOP wants to do away with freedom of choice.

The GOP wants to do away with taxes for the very wealthy, not to mention productive spending and job growth at the expense of the health and welfare of this country.

The GOP wants do to away with anything and anyone who threatens their quest for power and money. What they don't want to do away with is their goal of single party corporate rule.

What they cannot do away with is the crescendoing passion, energy, and unity that is building up among those who see what's happening in this country.

They cannot do away with us. We're not going to let them.

We need to do away with the extreme demands of the GOP.  We have no choice... and that's exactly what they want.

  • Anon

    Kimbutgar is right, I will never understand why the people of Wisconsin voted for the republicans in the mid terms, now look what is happening there, everyone is trying to tell Obama to go there now, where were they in November?

  • Anonymous

    I just can't believe how stupid the American people in those states to vote these idiots back into power. It's amazing how fear and manipulation can fool a wide swath of people. Let's hope they wake up in 2012 and realize that the republicanTeakkk party don't care about the working class in this country.

    Thanks for your words you said what I have been feeling.

    I am working on an updated version of "they don't care about us" power point to reflect the current events.

  • I couldn't take it any more. News story after news story of their bullshit.
    I let it out here. Thank you!

  • Westernsmith1215

    Wow this is very impressive article, thank you for standing up for America and the Tea/GOP corporatists that are hell bent on making our country into a dictatorship/oligarchy/monopoly.

  • I'm not going to say the GOP and their teaparty zombies are Fascists or Nazis, because those words are loaded with all sorts of collapsed meanings. Nonetheless, the Republican/Corporate agenda for America and the strategies employed in Germany in the 1930s are jarringly similar. Thank You, Laffy, for posting this. I hope everyone in the USA reads it.

  • Tim Wood

    Now that's a manifesto!