VIDEO: Protester "different breed slobs" confront GOP WI Sen. Grothman


I'll be gone much of the day, but had to post this before I leave. It is jaw-droppingly appalling, disturbing, and blood-boilingly offensive. This is the same Grothman who angered one of our readers here. The original clip of Grothman calling decent working people "slobs" is here.

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  • Spencefi

    I screamed at my television (good thing my 10 year-0ld wasn't around)! Grothman is slime. He's the slime that grows on slime when it sits around too long.

  • I don't see any slobs, Grothman is delusional.

  • Walt

    I watch this clip last night of this despicable public servant. Could there not be more of a contempt for these people who are truly fighting for their American right. This is yet, another stone cold captured portrait that exposes the type of human slime that is the face of the Republican Party.

  • Anonymous

    Grothman, in doing this, has galvanized the effort to recall the eight vulnerable republican Senators, of which he is one. I am not in his, or any of the others, district, but I can't wait to man phones and canvass. Can not wait.