Insider's view: Walker can speak, his crowd can cheer, everyone else STIFLED


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This post at Kos is a must-read. True to form, Herr Walker is continuing his ongoing effort to assume the role of dictator, making appalling demands of his fellow American citizens, even in "their house", and as he suggested he'd consider doing in the Fake Koch phone call, stifling dissenting voices, freedom and democracy:

After the pledge of allegiance and a prayer, the Governor began his address. The rest of the audience cheered and applauded throughout the whole thing, but those in the back were told not to so much as make any expression in response to what the Governor was saying. One middle-aged woman I spoke with said she was very frustrated with being herded into the chamber and having to listen to the address without being permitted to react in any way, especially given the loud cheering allowed for everyone else. [...]

Near the end of the speech everyone rose to their feet, with most of those in the chamber applauding wildly. One woman in the back stood up with the rest of the crowd but booed softly, at which point the state troopers surrounded her and told her she had to leave. [...]

That was the situation inside the chamber during the Governor's address today - members of the public being used as props for the Governor's speech but manhandled and arrested at the slightest sign of disagreement.

One more time: This is not about the budget. This is not about money. This is not about paychecks. This is about crushing unions, the source of many Democratic votes, and in turn, destroying the Democratic party so that single-party rule can finally take hold, permanently.

Please go read the whole thing here.

UPDATE: Here is a screen grab of his budget summary, along with a short video clip of his speech.