VIDEO: The Story of Citizens United


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For more than a year, you’ve been hearing from us about the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling and Public Citizen’s campaign for a constitutional amendment to prevent a full-scale corporate takeover of our elections. [...]

We were very happy to work on this project with filmmaker, author, activist and Public Citizen board member Annie Leonard — creator of viral Internet videos like “The Story of Stuff” and “The Story of Cosmetics.”

In under nine minutes, Annie explains:

  • The history of “corporate personhood” in America.
  • The dangers of allowing disproportionate corporate influence over our lives.
  • Why a constitutional amendment is the best way to defend our democracy from an all-out assault by corporations motivated solely by an unquenchable thirst for profits.
  • Person

    There is a big difference between good corporations and a corporation that sets out to control everyone , make gross never profits and tries to stamp out Democracy. There are good corporations and they share in the value of our Democratic Republic that's the BIG point!

  • guest

    The United States of America is NOT a democracy. Yes, we should TOTALLY remove corporations from our lives. No more cars, TVs, electricity, internet, groceries, bars, restaurants, news, etc. DOWN WITH CORPORATIONS!! Oh do I earn money. I work. For a corporation. Oh poop! I must be evil too! Note...without corporations you probably wouldn't have people to donate to your site.