Quickie: Two injured in accidental shooting at gun show


Today's Quickie:

Irony is not dead, and luckily, neither are two men:

BLOOMINGTON — Two men were injured in an accidental shooting Saturday morning at the ECA Gun and Knife Show at Bloomington’s Sale Barn.

An attendee at the show was handling a mini-14 semiautomatic rifle at about 11:15 a.m. As the patron was laying the rifle back on a vendor table, the gun accidentally discharged, said McLean County Sheriff Mike Emery. [...]

The sheriff said one man suffered a chest wound. Details of the second person’s injuries were not immediately available.

Via our own Cliff Schecter:  "As the NRA says, more guns make places safer...That's why Somalia is such a popular tourist destination..."

That was today's Quickie. Will you still respect me in the morning?

  • Anna M Shepard

    Gun control at its finest. Is the defense going to be "I didn't know it was loaded?" What ever happened to teaching people about gun safety?

  • Tyroanee

    Really, I swear guns don't kill people... it's those darn stupid bullets that the stupid people put in the guns... Geesh!

  • OK...why are there loaded weapons at a gun show? Because it isn't illegal? The NRA is a bunch of morons with bullets where their brains used to be.