Video- Ann Coulter: Sarah Palin "Said Newt Gingrich Told Her You Get Higher Speaking Fees If You Pretend You're Running For President"


  • Sdlockhart

    They only get $$$ if you buy their crap. Stop buying their books, listening to their shows, and reposting their garbage.
    Ignore them like the bags of wind that they are.

  • $ara about $ara

  • Islaprise

    If you listened to gaddafi speech he sounds very much like a tea party repug. Like sara palin he blames the world for their mistakes/ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    The difficulty is believing anything Ann Coulter says... because she says anything she thinks will get a rise out of anyone.

    I'm convinced Sarah will run, but she'll run a weird, half-assed campaign, tweeting and facebooking and appearing at select venues... and shilling for money. She won't win because the whole world knows she's incompetent, but she'll find somebody to blame for her loss. It would never occur to her that most people think of her as a joke.