VIDEO: Board votes to dismiss all Providence teachers. “This is a back-door Wisconsin."


This is mind-boggling. Every teacher in Providence got a  letter from the School Department letting them know they could very well be "terminated" at the end of the school year. This came as a complete shock to them, and one called it a "power grab".

I know the feeling, by the way. I worked at a high school for well over ten years, and got the same treatment (I am not a union member, nor do I have a teaching credential. I was hired as a "specialist" and worked anywhere from 4-12 hours a day, including weekends, so I can, at the very least, relate.):

PROVIDENCE — After two hours of contentious discussion, the School Board voted 4 to 3 Thursday night to send out termination notices to each of the city’s 1,926 public school teachers.

Some reactions:

--“How do we feel? Disrespected.”

--“I’m feeling disrespected, devalued and marginalized. Termination is a career-ender. You are putting a scarlet letter on every one of us.”

--“This is a back-door Wisconsin. We don’t know why we’re being fired. The mayor says he needs flexibility. Can you buy that? I don’t know of any other district that has done this.”

The superintendent said he expects most of them to be rehired.

What in the heck is going on in this country?

H/t: steelhoof

  • Anonymous

    We'll find out tomorrow what kind of country this is by the turnout of these protests. Despite it being difficult for me I will be out there with my autistic son fighting for his future.

  • HarborGuy

    Sounds to me like there needs to be some major RECALLs all across this country.

    ...hit the road GOBPers, RushThugs and T.HaterBaggers.

  • Person

    This is beyond awful. It is not about budget, it is about ambitious politics. It is about class warfare and riding the backs of the middle class. The mega wealthy will not help and they can't be bothered to pay a little bit more taxes. They are set, screw society- they can hire private security guards and private instructors for their children. They would love to see a financial depression our country, their money and power will be many times greater and they can spend most of their time in the caribbean, where their money is stowed away. Sick and twisted!