Sarah Palin Has Secret "Lou Sarah" Facebook Account


Former Half-Gov BS McNeedsStrokes seems to have a second Facebook page dedicated to fawning over her daughter Bristol, as well as her very own original Facebook page. "Lou Sarah" (based on her full name, Sarah Louise) has-- wait for it-- 12 friends.

Wonkette has a lot more, but here's a taste:

[It's] just a bunch of praise and “Likes” for the things Sarah Palin likes and writes on her other Sarah Palin Facebook page. “Lou Sarah” even says “amen” to Facebook posts by Sarah Sarah. [...]

Besides staying in touch with Sarah Palin’s father Chuck Heath, what does “Lou Sarah” use Facebook for? Saying “amen” to her own Facebook fan page missives, in the guise of a completely different person. “Lou Sarah” also really “LIkes” Bristol Palin’s Dancing With the Stars photos.

Truly pathetic. She's one sick puppy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must scurry off to create a second Facebook account for those days when I just need some TLC (no pun)... from me.

H/t: barelyberlee

  • Curliequeue

    Wow, that's raising the bar on narcissism pretty high there, Sarah! The rest of us can only aspire!

  • MitchM

    Its really hard to know what to say.
    She is so offensive,so mean, snotty and vindictive.

    This is pitiable.
    But I just can't find any pity in me for some one who has tossed so many friends and advisers and former employees, often with knives in their backs, off the bridge as she progressed to wealth and notarity.
    Truly a bridge to nowhere.