Michele Bachmann's BFF wants more political power


Rep. Steve "Babies In Garbage Cans Prove Health Reform Is Unconstitutional" King yearns for political powertude.

Or should I refer to him as Rep. Steve "Obama 'Nationalized Your Skin and Everything Inside It'” King? Maybe Rep. Steve "Every time we give amnesty for an illegal alien, we deport a liberal” King? How about Rep. Steve "The humane Society is taking meat off our tables" King?

Whatever we decide to call him, "the stunning Steve King" has a very close ally in Michele Bachmann (that's her quote), and he's also looking straight at Jim DeMint (and Newt Gingrich) to get him where he wants to go:

As Rep. Steve King seeks to raise his national profile, the Iowa Republican is looking to Sen. Jim DeMint to help boost his influence in conservative circles.

He says (as if this means anything) that he's not interested in running for higher office, but would rather be an Iowan hotshot. Trouble is, he has an abysmal track record.

For example, in 2008, he endorsed Fred Thompson for president. That didn't end well: Fredhorn Leghorn-- Ah say, Fredhorn Leghorn!-- came in a distant third behind Mike Huckabee and Willard Mitt Romney.

King also sought to campaign for a host of GOP House candidates last cycle, but political aides said his requests often went unanswered. Indeed, freshman Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) canceled a joint fundraiser with King in June after King told a conservative radio host that President Barack Obama “has a default mechanism in him that breaks down the side of race on the side that favors the black person.”

“He’s put himself out there on the far right on a few issues that I think could potentially damage his credibility,” a GOP strategist said of King.

He has credibility?

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