Chart: For anyone who thinks Wisconsin state workers are overpaid... Oh, and Abraham Lincoln fled the state, too.


Graph via Economic Policy Institute (H/t: Jenny)

For days, I've been receiving self-righteous tweets and comments from the right, regarding everything from "Ha! Obama's gonna lose in 2012!" (see link), to the evils of commie pinko unions who are rolling in dough while non-union workers are struggling (see link and chart above), to how dare we refer to our political opponents as "tea baggers" (see link and link)?!

And let us not forget the outrage-- outrage!-- over Wisconsin Democrats leaving the state in order to prevent Scott Walker's union busting.

This is dedicated to those kvetchers:

[T]hose in the Party of Lincoln should look to the 16th president before they criticize the Wisconsin Democrats. Indeed, 170 years before the Wisconsin Democrats fled Madison to deny a quorum, then-state Rep. Abraham Lincoln was fleeing the capitol in Springfield, IL — via a window, no less — to do the same in an attempt to save the State Bank of Illinois [...]

Indeed, the tactic has been used in the U.S. Senate on occasion as well. More recently, the tactic garnered national headlines in 2003 when Texas Democrats fled to New Mexico to block a GOP redistricting effort. Eliot Shapleigh, one of the “Texas Eleven” is now advising the Wisconsin Democrats.

It only takes one weak Democrat to cave and become an accessory to the attempted murder of unions. (see link) Neutralizing unions is tantamount to neutralizing the Democratic party and America's middle class. This is about single party rule... by the GOP.