TPC reader: "My conversation today with a tea party member" about Wisconsin protesters


My Twitter pal wiccaspirits had a little encounter that she was kind enough to share with us.

Well, maybe not so kind. It's sure to raise your blood pressure.


I spoke with a tea party member today at the Let Freedom Ring headquarters in Delaware at about 1pm Pacific time. I asked him why the tea party was against the protesters in Wisconsin.

The man I spoke with explained that the media was lying and that they were NOT trying to take away all of the collective bargaining, but only the collective bargaining for health insurance. I then asked him why union workers should not be entitled to good health insurance. He then informed me that union workers did not deserve good health insurance because public workers did not work as hard as private sector workers and should not receive the same health benefits that private sector workers receive.

But wait it gets better! I then asked him why it was okay for new tea party members of congress to get government paid health insurance but the rest of hard workers like myself could not? I could not believe his answer. He tried to tell me that tea party members and other members of congress DO NOT receive government paid health insurance in congress and if they did neither of the new members of congress would have been elected by the people of america!

Needless to say I was stunned! The last question I had for him was the issue of many tea party members thinking that people who are represented by unions do not work for a living? He even stunned me more by his reply. He actually thinks that union workers DO NOT put in their fair share of working hours and because of this they do not deserve good working conditions, good pay or good health insurance!

Unbelievable! I was left speechless! This man even had the nerve to tell me that teachers do not work hard, do not educate our students well enough and therefore should not be allowed to have collective bargaining agreements in ANY state!

I fear that his is not just a movement in Wisconsin but I fear that this will become a movement across the nation if republicans and tea part members in states have their way! I have enclosed the name of the group, as well as their address, phone number and fax number here for all of you to read.

Let Freedom Ring
2207 Concord Pike
Wilmington, Delaware
Phone number: 610-793-1800
Fax number: 610-793-1415

Now all of you can see for yourselves just how much the tea party does not care about the american workers just as I have after my conversation with this tea party member!