PhotOh! What MSNBC and CNN aren't airing today


Endless episodes of MSNBC's Lockup and reruns of last week's Your Money and The Situation Room on CNN are clearly more lucrative for the corporate media than airing the fight for unions (aka the Democratic party) more than a minute or two at a time, if at all.

Stream real news live here and here.

Ha! Just heard a great quote from tea baggers who are counter protesting:

"You hear Palin's coming, too?"

"No, hot air."

Perfect description... of Palin.

Now some RWNJ is literally screaming:

"Sha-a-a-a-ame on the Wisconsin 14! They're afraid of you, of this!"

Um, no. But ma'am? You're more than a little scary.

  • Betsall16

    We are not educated in American history, remember Columbus is still a hero at school. I am glad to see people taking a stand and I am glad it has been a peaceful time, actually trying to stir up violence in your own state! Why would you say things like that unless you wanted a protest to turn violent? We will never hear when peaceful protest are held in this country unless someone can make a buck.

  • Darkeyes917

    Sadly, too many people don't have a clue as to what the unions, particularly in Wisconsin, have done for worker's rights all over the country. They don't realize that without the unions, they'd still be working 80 hour weeks at a few dollars an hour with no weekends or holidays off. There'd be no earplugs or safety glasses provided, no back support, no protective screens on computers and no health care benefits. And all that is just for starters!