PhotOh! Sarah Palin accepted money from Alaska labor unions


Look who Former Half-Gov Hypocridiot McTwoFaced took money from!


Damn those commieMarxistgayFrenchsocialistLibrultreehuggingLazyfreeloading unions.

H/t: shondi99, politicalgates

  • Angel

    Those who speak evil against Sara Paliln are mostly democrats who are still in their love affair with obama. Okay... so you love obama, that is okay yet that is no reason to pick fights with women! especially if you are a woman; doing so, makes you look that you are inferior to her or that you feel inferior to her! Sara Palin is a great leader and she is a Patriot. God bless her and God bless America

  • an American

    As media goes... "go for the throat"... unfortunately... ALL politicians have received great amounts , however, they are not named: Sara Palin! I remember yrs back when I worked where they had a union; you were psychologically, obligated to join, even when you didn't want to. The unions have a record that includes: thievery, murder, and more... now we see that they are great at creating chaos and civil disobedience!Worse yet, to have Obama come out and 'make time' to make a speech to protect the unions???? and by the way, didn't he get money also? May God protect us from these evil organizations. - It is all about MONEY ... we all know that AND there is no money!

  • grumpy

    Union people are like all other people, they consistently vote against their own best interest. I am a member of the I.B.E.W. and I can tell you that the members of my local union overwhelming vote republican.

  • More idiocy. Who gives a crap!? Did you know taxpayers gave money to Obama and yet he still is gonna screw them over? Yeah, that's not news either, idiots. Total Irrelevance.

  • Anonymous

    I'm confused to why they would contribute to her in the first place.

  • bzb

    Well, well that explains why she paid someone to post to her FB that she was in support of the unions.

    Palin you are a one trick side-show.

  • bzb

    Well, well that explains why she paid someone to post to her FB that she was in support of the unions.

    Palin you are a one trick side-show.

  • hmmmm...the burning question for me is WHY did these people feel compelled to give the palinator anything other than their undying scorn? I don't get it.

  • Kalifani6

    Also further proof that the unions -----representing the middle class alone, sealed their own fate by voting against their own interest.

    These things happen due to middle class efforts to distance themselves further from the working poor.

    Now they're all being treated like 'welfare queens'.

    Absorb the experience guys & remember how it feels to be on the other side.

    It will empower us to look out for each other---working class & middle class---many of which started out poor, and are now facing the same situation due to organized fraud of the banks & the corporations---THE PEOPLE WE SOUGHT TO BECOME.