First Amendment Remedies: Here is how you can help the Wisconsin protesters


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You can donate money for food for the protesters at the following places:

--Here is the FB page for housing the protesters. Link:
Check out the comments, because this is what real patriotism looks like:

This page has been created to allow supporters of the working class to connect to each other in Madison.

1. If you have housing available in Madison (spare room, couch, floor space, etc...) please post the availability on the WALL.
2. If you are looking for a place to stay in Madison, please contact the offer.
3. Once the offer has been accepted, please remove the post/offer from the WALL.
This page is in support of all American workers!

--You can go here for an article covering the options.

There are a few places who have been delivering free food to the protesters.

--One is called the Mermaid. Call 608-249-9719 and ask for David. Checks can also be mailed to: The Mermaid Cafe, 1929 Winnebago Street, Madison, WI, 53704.

UPDATE via reader Caroline: Feed the movement! Glass Nickel pizza 608-245-0880 Mermaid Cafe: Donate through on Paypal and they are sending down big batches of food!

--One more outlet is Ian's Pizza 115 State Street Madison, WI 53703 (608) 257-9248.

UPDATE, via commenter: My name is jenissee, I am with the WI state AFL-CIO, we are taking donations.  Those of you who want to donate funds to feed our folks in Madison, Paypal donations can be sent to our labor council VP, Annie Wacker at: proceeds will be used for food and water.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

If you have any others that my Twitter buddy @EileenLeft and I missed, please leave them in comments or tweet me at @GottaLaff.