Video- Glenn Beck: Wisconsin Unions, Muslim Brotherhood All Part Of New World Order


But of course they are the same....

  • Anonymous

    First they came for the union workers but I was not a union worker so I did nothing, then they eliminated the minimum wage requirements but I earned a salary so I did nothing,Then they did away with worker protections but I had no one to turn to to help me because when they destroyed the unions, eliminated the minimum wage, more people got desperate to accept a job so they cut my salary in half and when I complained they fired me. So now I have no job, no unemployment benefits and I hear a knock on my door now because they are foreclosing on my house that I only had 2 years left to pay off my mortgage. I went though all my savings and retirement money. And this is no social security because they eliminated it. All because I listened to fox news and voted republican.

  • Person

    Beck, Murdoch (Fox Non News), the Koch Brothers, the US Chamber of Commerce and the attendees of the NeoCon Rancho Mirage consortium are part of the New Oligarchy order; No rights for citizens and few international, cruel, powerful business men in charge of the world- using fear, religion and ignores as their tools of control and deceit.