Arizona panel wants to ban taking toys out of kids' meals


The mere fact that this will probably pass says soooo much about Arizona. Do they have full employment there like they do in John Boehner's happy world?

The Arizona Restaurant Association wants to make sure the happy stays in Happy Meals.

A bill approved Wednesday by a House committee would ban any city or county in the state from restricting any toys or games offered with kids' meals. It also would prohibit bans on other incentives, including senior coupons, club memberships and vouchers.

The move is an attempt to head off potential legislation like that passed last year in San Francisco and in Santa Clara County, Calif., banning restaurants from providing free toys in meals high in fat, sugar and salt.

A similar bill was proposed two weeks ago in Nebraska.

The law became known as the "Happy Meal Ban" in California because it directly affects children's meals served by McDonald's and other fast-food chains.

Opponents of such toy bans say it restricts companies' ability to advertise and market.