VIDEO- Glenn Beck gleeful over Mika Brzezinski getting "spanked". "F*** you, Mika" heard on video.


UPDATE and bumped up: While on the Nicole Sandler radio show today, we discovered, at about 4:11, that someone (who sounded like Glenn Beck, but it's hard to tell without a visual) drops the F-bomb rather loudly. They say, to be exact, "F**k you, Mika." How we all missed this is beyond me, but it's there, loud and clear.

I'm sure Mika was thrilled.

Original post:

I usually leave the Beck posts to Paddy, since I can't stand the guy long enough to watch any of his clips.

But Twitter pal LennyBoyUSA sent this along, and the title made me look. I wish I hadn't:

...[A]udio of Niall Ferguson debating Mika Brzezinski over Egypt from this morning’s Morning Joe. Beck happily describes it as a “spanking.” ...  Of course, this instance has more references to Mika’s “warm tushie” so…there’s that.

Ew Factor: Through the roof.