UPDATED: Denied: "General Petraeus to quit Afghan campaign"


UPDATE (blog title edited):

Pentagon Denies Petraeus Leaving Post Early

This site is subscription only, so this is all we get:

General David Petraeus, the most celebrated American soldier of his generation, is to leave his post as commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan. The Times can reveal that the Pentagon aims to replace General Petraeus, who was appointed less than eight months ago, by the end of the year. Sources have confirmed that the search for a new commander in Kabul is under way. It forms part of a sweeping reorganisation of top American officials in Afghanistan, which the Obama Administration hopes to present as proof that its strategy does not depend on the towering reputation of one man....

So you think he'll run for office?

Oh, and let's get out of Afghanistan.

Added: The title is that of The Times. I am adding quotes.

H/t: Cody_K