"Democracy? I think not."


My Twitter pal hapkidogal has a post up at Kos that she asked me to share with you:

Wisconsin's governor is threatening it's citizens with the National Guard. Democracy? I think not.

The Supreme Court is now as corrupt as the money they aren't reporting. They are suppose to be beyond reproach. The top law makers of our country. Democracy? Not.

South Dakota GOP is pushing a bill to make killing a doctor who performs abortion justifiable homicide. I call it terrorism! Democracy? No.

The GOP plans to defund Planned Parenthood. This will mean the poor will over populate an already struggling planet. Their will be more starving children and guess what they are also cutting social programs to help the needy.

Please read the rest here.

  • Walt

    Lets make something very clear here. These mfers (excuse my language... but it applies) hard right sociopaths politicians were voted into power by low information voters who are ruled by fear. These fools have allowed themselves to be repressed by fear and lies from the sociopaths they have chosen to follow whether in their religious fascists churches, or/and right wing radio and FOX News or the internet. These nut job lawmakers voted in by decent stupid people would fit it just nicely with the hard right Iranian lawmakers who want to execute those who oppose them.

    Decency and humanity has long left the Republican Party. And I will not show any respect to the conservative views of friends and families and co-workers until they start to denounce this hard right movement which is made up of nothing more than people who are insecure, self-absorbed, and deep down hate themselves only to subject this loathing onto others. There is no American spirit in these sick people.

  • Seasiderose101

    The South Dakota laws seems more like "honor killings" found under Sharia law that we all want to prevent at any cost for the sake of our democracy!