Source: "No one hated his guts more than [MSNBC president] Phil [Griffin]”


All the rumors, whisper campaigns, and outright complaints won't change many minds about Keith Olbermann. We who are FOK (Friends of Keith) are loyal to him for a very good reason or twelve: He's bright, funny, charismatic, informative, and delivers in ways nobody else does. I have personally learned more on a regular basis from his show and Rachel Maddow's then I have from any other TV news/commentary show.

Also, there is heart behind Keith's and Rachel's work. In Keith's case, it was related to health care. As I've mentioned before, I owe him for insisting we all prepare for end of life decisions. I am also grateful to him for having drawn attention to, to which I donated.

So, you see, Phil Griffin, from my p.o.v., that of an informed, appreciative viewer, I don't really care if the rumors are true or not. It's the end product that matters, not so much what goes on behind the scenes. I have had a positive relationship with Keith on Twitter (he is one of the few on-air personalities who actually responds more than once), and whether or not I agree with everything the man says or does, I will always be grateful for his immense contribution to getting a progressive voice out there where it counts.

With that:

Every boss he’s ever had has hated Keith’s guts, and probably no one hated his guts more than [MSNBC president] Phil [Griffin],” the [former MSNBC hand] said. “And because Keith doesn’t really give a shit about the kinds of things most people give a shit about—you know, things like having a job and sort of knowing when to choose your battles—sooner or later he explodes.”

What many people don’t understand about Olbermann is that he more or less was the boss of MSNBC’s prime-time lineup. ... "The last five years, he was running things.” [...]

And if anyone had any trepidation about the big “get,” Gore dismissed the notion with a wry joke: “To be candid, the thing I worry about most is Keith’s show because he’s so shy.”

From what has been reported, he'll run a few things over at Current, too.

It's unclear how reliable the above article is, so until we hear more, this is all we have.

H/t: TeamOlbermann