Peacefully removing Arab dictators: Obama 2, Bush 0.


Via Taegan:

Marc Lynch: "Despite the avalanche of criticism from protesters and pundits, in fact Obama and his key aides...backed the Egyptian protest movement far more quickly than anyone should have expected. Their steadily mounting pressure on the Mubarak regime took time to succeed, causing enormous heartburn along the way, but now can claim vindication. By working carefully and closely with the Egyptian military, it helped restrain the worst violence and prevent Tiananmen on the Tahrir -- which, it is easy to forget today, could very easily have happened... By the way, for those keeping score in the 'peacefully removing Arab dictators' game, it's now Obama 2, Bush 0."

BushCo would have simply bombed them into submission (again). Or GW would have blustered and babbled his way into another embarrassing catastrophe (again), lives would have been lost (again), America's reputation would have suffered (again), and President Obama would have been blamed (again).

President Obama has a couple of obvious advantages that GW doesn't: A functioning brain and good judgment.

  • Anonymous

    Some people will never give President Obama credit for succeding in anything. Yet these same people will blame him for everything. This kind of hatred makes no sense. Kudos to the author of this article. Thank you Gottalaff for posting it.

  • Max

    Lets not forget Jimmy Carter of ridding Iran of the Shah of Iran.

  • Ddoc2rd

    He gets my vote I think that he's doing a wonderful job as president, too bad he can't get any cooperation from the party of no...

  • Before he can run for president again, he will have trouble convincing Teabaggers he is a U.S. citizen.

    But that's not the hard part. Before he can be placed on the Democratic Presidential Primary ballots, he will have to convince Progressive Democrats that he is a Democrat. That's almost an impossible challenge.

  • So I guess we should give him another Nobel Peace Prize too.

  • Trying to credit Obama for removing Arab dictators is like trying to credit Reagan for bringing down the Soviet Union. Neither claim is based in reality.

    The pressure was applied by the brave protesting citizens, not by any phone calls from Obama. So the real score is:
    Citizens 2, Dictators 0

  • mark aleshnick

    Yeah, obama's brain is functioning - functioning on one thing ONLY - doing whatever it takes to get re-elected - all hail the liar in chief.

  • Gwenplaysgames

    Who's the other Arab dictator?

  • I think that's what they were saying... he straddled. Bush would have been
    ham handed.

  • Seriously, he kept his hands off; basically did nothing. For this he gets credit? It's action by inaction.

  • Len

    That's why they reduced money to pro-democracy groups in Egypt, I suppose