Focus on the Family on reducing abortion numbers: "It's a 'Schindler's List' moment for us"


Frederick Clarkson has an excellent post up that you really should read. Here's a short excerpt, but please hop over:

According to the Denver Post:

Focus spokesman Gary Schneeberger said the ministry doesn't yet have the list of abortion-rights supporters it will contact, but Focus will reach out to that movement.

"It's something (Daly) is clearly very passionate about," Schneeberger said. "It's a 'Schindler's List' moment for us: How many lives can we save on the way to our goal of ending abortion? We don't know how it will be received."

Schindler's List is of course, the famous film, based on a real life story of how a German businessman saved the lives of more than a thousand Polish Jews who would have been exterminated in a concentration camp.  If this is a Schindler's List moment, then abortion is the holocaust and abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood are Nazis.

Enough with the inappropriate Nazi references, okay Focus on the Family? Okay other conservative religious groups? Okay??

Using the Schindler's List comparison as an argument against one's (legal) right to choose is beyond wrong. It's beyond offensive.

Stop. No. Just... no. Absolutely not. Taboo.

Please read the rest here.

  • So a woman's womb with a fetus in it is potentially a Nazi oven? Hypothetically it is the pregnant woman who is the Nazi collaborator or Nazi cattle car by transporting the potential Schindler's List fetus to the Nazi death camp. So insulting beyond words to the victims and survivors of the holocaust, and to women. Women, you are just the cattle car transporting the fetus! Focus on the family is not concerned with you, just the object you are hauling!