Tim Pawlenty tries out his brand new, already-tired 2012 GOP talking points.


Tim Pawlenty, the Republican who has been doing everything he can to de-beige himself in time for a presidential run, showed up at CPAC sporting as many zingers and genuinely sincerely gosh-I-really-mean-this, clever god-party GOPisms as his stale talking point oriented writers could come up with:

  • America needs to "turn towards God, not away from him." [American needs to keep religion out of politics. Turn toward the Constitution, Tim, not away from it.]
  • President Obama [has] "done the impossible: He's proven that somebody can deserve a Nobel prize less than Al Gore." [Tim has done the impossible. He's proven that somebody can deserve the presidency less than Mike Huckabee. Okay, maybe not.]
  • He doesn't question whether Mr. Obama is a U.S. citizen, the president's policies have caused him to wonder "what planet he's from." [That statement has caused me to wonder what funny farm Tim is from.]
  • "The policies of the left encroach every day on the very freedom that has made this country great.... the very air we breathe." [But imposing your will on a woman's reproductive choice, that's not encroaching on anyone's "very freedoms" at all, right?]
  • freethinker1

    1) keep your religion out of OUR government and schools, and i won't think in your churches....
    2) when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible....

  • Anonymous

    so my freedom depends on the koch brothers' right to pollute "the very air we breathe"?
    got it, timmy. thanks.

  • Anon

    Yeah and the right want the power over a womans uterus.

  • Too bad his record in Minnesota won't matter nationally...Remember Reagan's record in California? Did it matter?