VIDEO: White Supremacist Group at CPAC


Those conservatives, what a "big tent" bunch they are:

Wiki on who Youth for Western Civilization is. Two words: White power.

UPDATE: The Southern Poverty Law Center has more.

More: Youth for Western Civilization is a 501c(3) non-profit educational foundation. All contributions are tax deductible.  At 1:53 or so in video. Their Facebook page is here.

H/t: Shark_Magus

  • Tyroanee

    Shake it, spin it, give em a fancy name- Nope, still racist pigs.
    Funny thing about the racist, that's about all they got as far as thought=*blink-blink*... is that all ya got?

  • Real Brother here.

    These Racists are something else but at least they're honest and upfront about their Racist hatred.There simply aren't enough White Racists for them to carry a National election.