VIDEO: White Supremacist Group at CPAC


Those conservatives, what a "big tent" bunch they are:

Wiki on who Youth for Western Civilization is. Two words: White power.

UPDATE: The Southern Poverty Law Center has more.

More: Youth for Western Civilization is a 501c(3) non-profit educational foundation. All contributions are tax deductible.  At 1:53 or so in video. Their Facebook page is here.

H/t: Shark_Magus

  • Tyroanee

    Shake it, spin it, give em a fancy name- Nope, still racist pigs.
    Funny thing about the racist, that's about all they got as far as thought=*blink-blink*... is that all ya got?

  • Theron K. Cal

    Real Brother here.

    These Racists are something else but at least they're honest and upfront about their Racist hatred.There simply aren't enough White Racists for them to carry a National election.